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Anthony Wang e61537df08 Finish w20 and have a great summer! 2 weeks ago
w1-exponents Finish going over exponents 8 months ago
w2-logarithms Finish w2 and start w3 notes 8 months ago
w3-radicals Finish up w3 radicals 8 months ago
w4-complex Finish w4 and start w5 notes 7 months ago
w5-linearequation Finish w5 and start primes 7 months ago
w6-prime-factorization Finish w6 problem set and start w7 notes 6 months ago
w7-divisors Finish w7 6 months ago
w8-factorials Finish w8-factorials 6 months ago
w9-palindrome Finish w9-palindrome 5 months ago
w10-bases Finished w10 bases 5 months ago
w11-unitdigit Finish w11 and almost done with w12 4 months ago
w12-decimals Finish w12 and w13 notes and start w13 set 4 months ago
w13-modular Finish w13 and start w14 notes 3 months ago
w14-divisibility-rules Finish w14 and start w15 notes 3 months ago
w15-quadraticequations Finish w15 notes and lecture 3 months ago
w16-quadratic-2 Finish w16 2 months ago
w17-factorization Finish w17 and start w18 2 months ago
w18-angles Finsih week 18 1 month ago
w19-triangles Finish w19 and start w20 notes 3 weeks ago
w20-triangle-centers Finish w20 and have a great summer! 2 weeks ago
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