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Files for my old old blog

Updated 5 days ago

Stuff for AP Computer Science A

Updated 4 months ago

Create arbitrarily nested Docker containers!

Updated 4 months ago

Resources for Science Olympiad Astronomy

Updated 3 months ago

Microsoft Azure resources

Updated 4 months ago

A nearly complete NES emulator in a single 750-line C++ source file

Updated 4 months ago

A web app to play Big 2, a popular Poker card game in East Asia.

Updated 1 year ago

Ruby 0 0

Some random blog.

Updated 5 days ago

An unofficial compilation of the Zelda mod for Breath of the Wild

Updated 4 months ago

A monitor of resources

Updated 8 months ago

Files from my old old old blog

Updated 4 days ago

C port of SD, a very efficient flash cards app

Updated 1 month ago

Chromium launcher with support for Pepper Flash and custom user flags

Updated 10 months ago

An IRC client for online math courses, with video conferencing and a collaborative TeX editor

Updated 2 years ago