Anthony Wang Ta180m

Configuration files and saves for Stardew Valley

Updated 8 hours ago

Scripts for managing Arch Linux servers

Updated 11 hours ago

A minimal HTML and CSS website for the exozyme project

Updated 1 day ago

nginx config files

Updated 4 days ago

Some random website

Updated 4 days ago

Files from my old old old blog

Updated 4 days ago

The libre, high-performance, privacy-respecting cloud!

Updated 5 days ago

$HOME, sweet $HOME

Updated 2 weeks ago

Your how-to guide to everything!

Updated 3 weeks ago

A potpourri of programming languages

Updated 4 weeks ago

C port of SD, a very efficient flash cards app

Updated 1 month ago

Very efficient flash cards app using Go and SQLite

Updated 1 month ago

2022 April Fool's joke

Updated 2 months ago

Fediverse ebooks bot using neural networks

Updated 2 months ago