The new All-in-One CFW package for the Nintendo Switch.
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DeepSea - The new All-in-One CFW package for the Nintendo Switch.



  • Vanilla Atmosphère
  • Always up-to-date packages
  • Background FTP Server
  • Updating directly from your console
  • Customize button bindings
  • Easy drag and drop install
  • Ability to enable autoboot without touching config files
  • Starting and reloading system modules without restarting
  • The latest and greatest homebrew from the scene
  • and much more!

How to use

Follow this guide to hack your switch:

Download the latest release and put it on your SD Card
Send the Hekate payload to your Switch in RCM mode and launch the CFW


Minimal Package

Normal (Minimal included)

Patched (Minimal & Normal included)


  • Thanks to all the previous members of Team AtlasNX for laying the groundwork for DeepSea.
  • Thanks to Daniel 💻#7205 aka Daniel C for creating the discord with me
  • Slluxx#8184 For helping us with a boat load of stuff and choosing the name of the CFW package for us
  • FennecTECH#4926 For spamming the discord chat full of images
  • And seasonal coochie#8888 for boosting the server and also voicing his opinion


Though we offer a "patched" package that enables the installation and usage of your backup and unlawfully obtained games, we do not condone piracy. The reason we offer this package is because we rather include it ourself instead of letting users go to other sources and use more shady versions of our or other CFW's/packages. Its up to the end user to decide if he wants to be on the good or the bad side, just like in life. The patches used are from HarukoNX/PKG2-Patches and HarukoNX/ES-Patches.

We will not offer any kind of support related to the patches or piracy.