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Published v9.0 Discontinuing our migration from Arch to NixOS 3 weeks ago

Published v8.8 Tons of bug fixes 4 months ago

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Merged #178 Added new 'powered.gif' logo 6 months ago

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Closed #199 Woodpecker pipelines randomly failing 3 weeks ago

Closed #184 Proposal: Create convenience redirect URLs for exozyme resources 3 weeks ago

Closed #138 Nix packaging 3 weeks ago

Closed #142 Convert the server from Arch to NixOS 3 weeks ago

Closed #180 PeerTube live chat doesn't load sometimes 1 month ago

Closed #198 Terminal missing in JupyterHub 1 month ago

Closed #197 Holiday package cleanup 2 months ago

Closed #196 Mastodon broken after today's update 4 months ago

Closed #195 set ClientAliveInterval so that ssh connection doesn't die after a while 4 months ago

Closed #194 Use IPTables to block access to internal network resources 4 months ago

Closed #193 exodesk shows a black screen for a long time when logging in 4 months ago

Closed #175 Ideas for improving exozyme security 4 months ago

Closed #181 Idea: Make Woodpecker CI pipelines run as the user that triggered it instead of the woodpecker-agent user 4 months ago

Closed #192 Change server time zone to UTC instead of CST 5 months ago

Closed #191 Can't install flatpak file 5 months ago

Closed #190 PeerTube VAAPI transcoding fails 5 months ago

Closed #185 Add Yggdrasil node 5 months ago

Closed #183 Jellyfin security issues 5 months ago

Closed #148 Discontinue exomedia 5 months ago

Closed #59 Expose a range of ports to the internet 5 months ago

Closed #189 Minetest server down? 5 months ago

Closed #188 Tigervnc installed using nix is throwing error 5 months ago

Closed #187 Announcement channel encrypted? 5 months ago

Closed #186 PeerTube is down 5 months ago

Closed #177 Improve our documentation 5 months ago

Closed #182 JupyterHub servers aren't properly shut down after being idle for an hour 5 months ago

Closed #179 Nextcloud files page is blank 6 months ago

Closed #176 Discontinue our Collabora Online instance 6 months ago

Closed #174 Vulnerability disclosure: New Jellyfin users are mistakenly made admins and can read the LDAP bind password 6 months ago

Closed #173 Vulnerability disclosure: JupyterHub's proxied code-server sessions have no authentication and can be taken over 6 months ago

Closed #172 Vulnerability disclosure: Hijacking Synapse's port 8008 after triggering systemd-oomd with a Synapse memory leak 6 months ago

Closed #171 mosh problems 6 months ago