2 Stable Diffussion
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We have stable diffusion web UI from https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui.git

How to run the WebUI

  1. First connect to the machine with ssh -L 7860:localhost:7860 <user>@exozy.me
  2. Check if anyone is using the port with netstat -ntpl. If port 7860 is in there, then don't run it again.
  3. Next run the server:
cd /data/stable-diffusion-webui
pdm run bwrap --dev-bind / / --tmpfs /home --unshare-user --uid 1 --gid 1 ./webui.sh

# insecure version
# pdm run ./webui.sh

You will now see some output, and the URL of the server. After that, you can visit the web interface on your local machine at http://localhost:7860/ (since SSH port forwarding is used above).

Security Warning (by iacore): Posibble Arbitrary file read. Without bwrap, the webui can access any file. However, I'm not super confident about by sandboxing skills, so you should verify this yourself.

Try running a shell with

bwrap --dev-bind / / --tmpfs /home --unshare-user --uid 1 --gid 1 fish

and see if what permission you have.