Hi! Welcome to our computing, coding, and CS community's cozy corner of the internet!

Stuff we do

Build a better world!

The web sucks. We'd like it to suck less. To end GitHub's code-hosting monopoly, we're a major contributor to forge federation development. We also offer many decentralized, encrypted, and privacy-respecting alternatives to popular services.

Code cool stuff!

We live and breath code. We've contributed to dozens of projects, including Arch Linux, KDE Frameworks, Nextcloud, Gitea, Forgejo, ForgeFed, Mastodon, PeerTube, Woodpecker, Toolbox, OpenRGB, Zenpower3, and more. We also maintain over 30 AUR and Nixpkgs packages.

Hack everything!

We do lots of fun stuff. Like installing every Arch Linux package, because why not?

Learn new things!

You'll learn some insanely cool stuff from our community. How to make a cursed peer-to-peer network... how to incorrectly encrypt your disk so you can never unlock it...

Discuss with the community!

Our community mostly hangs out on Matrix. We're 100% community built and maintained, so everyone has a voice in our project decisions.

Our server

We have snazzy overpowered hardware: a 24-thread AMD Ryzen 9 5900X proccessor that compiles code faster than you can snap, a Sapphire Radeon RX 6600 XT Nitro+ graphics card for insane gaming over remote desktop, 32 GB of RAM, and gigabit internet.

The server

It's equally epic on the software side. Now Arch Linux is a terrible operating system for servers, but we use it anyways and update monthly. We've got free SSH and remote desktop access, code hosting, cloud storage, website hosting, VMs, and basically anything else you can think of.

Things to explore

Join us!

Cool, have we successfully converted you into joining exozyme yet? If so, try our quickstart guide. Check out our frequently unasked questions too.

Be sure to also take a look at our repositories on exogit, where all the exozyme development action happens. (Or even better, contribute! 😍) And please please please report bugs on our issue tracker. We really appreciate it! We also have an underrated wiki that is badly in need of contributions.

We may have occasional outages for maintainence or because our ISP is being dumb. If exozyme is down for more than 24 hours, please email us!

You can find this website's code (CC BY-SA 4.0 license) on exogit. All HTML and CSS was hand-written by the our community.