An unofficial compilation of the Zelda mod for Breath of the Wild

Updated 3 months ago

My Common Lisp files

Updated 2 months ago

exozyme status checker

Updated 6 months ago

LDAP configuration files for exozyme

Updated 8 months ago

My NixOS configs(backup)

Updated 3 weeks ago

Custom packages for the server – mainly Nixpkgs.

Updated 2 months ago

Playing around with GitHub Copilot

Updated 3 months ago

This is a remote fork. The actual location of this repo is (which is a testing server and usually down)

Updated 3 months ago

An actively maintained fork of Make Forwarder DSi, compatible with the latest TWiLight Menu++

Updated 3 months ago

The EXPANDED Quickstart (alpha)

Updated 2 months ago

Almost all of Unicode on one webpage!

Updated 1 month ago

My personal website. WIP.

Updated 2 days ago

A simple virtual machine with some fancy concepts... (like Erlang, but different)

Updated 1 day ago

A humble micropub server written in Go.

Updated 15 hours ago

The exozyme blog

Updated 3 months ago

Scripts for managing Arch Linux servers

Updated 6 days ago

A minimal HTML and CSS website for the exozyme project

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 5 hours ago