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Microsoft Azure resources

Updated 6 months ago

Create arbitrarily nested Docker containers!

Updated 6 months ago

$HOME, sweet $HOME

Updated 2 weeks ago

Code for the 2021 CMIMC Programming Contest

Updated 6 months ago

Files from my old old old blog

Updated 1 month ago

Finding creative ways to compress USACO problem statements

Updated 6 months ago


Files for my old old blog

Updated 1 month ago

My competitive programming environment, for VSCode and VSCodium

Updated 4 months ago

Arduino code and other resources for the 2021 Science Olympiad event Detector Building

Updated 5 months ago

IOI solution implementations

Updated 6 months ago

Minimalist password generation scripts

Updated 6 months ago

A potpourri of programming languages

Updated 2 months ago

Nothing to see here...

Updated 6 days ago