Quickly fire up a C++ editor, compiler, and debugger! https://hub.docker.com/r/ta180m/quickpp
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Quickly fire up a disposable C++ editor, compiler, and debugger! GNU Nano, GCC, and GDB included!


It's as easy as:

docker run --rm -it ta180m/quickpp

By default it uses Arch, but if you prefer Alpine:

docker run --rm -it ta180m/quickpp:alpine

The source file is located at main.cpp. Compile with g++ main.cpp -o main -g -std=c++17. Run the executable with ./main or debug with gdb main.

You can automate the process by running bash in Arch or ash in Alpine.

To exit, run docker kill $(docker ps -q --filter ancestor=ta180m/quickpp ) on the host.