An unofficial compilation of the Zelda mod for Breath of the Wild
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2 years ago
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What is this?

Development on the Breath of the Wild Zelda Mod has seemed to have stalled since 2018, so it mostly exists only in small fragments posted on various mod-sharing websites. So, I've collected most of the publicly accessible components into a single unofficial mod pack that can be downloaded and used with a physical Wii U or the Cemu emulator. It's very incomplete but still playable. Also watch out for random freezing and crashing, especially on a physical Wii U.

Note: This only works for the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild. A Switch port also exists but it's even more incomplete.


  • Download the latest release

Physical Wii U

  • Make sure you have SDCafiine on your SD card
  • Move the Zelda Mod folder from the extracted ZIP to sdcafiine/00050000101C9400/ (change the 4 to a 3 if you're using the Japanese version or to a 5 for the European version)
  • Run SDCafiine from the Homebrew Launcher, then immediately boot the game

Cemu Emulator

  • Move the Zelda Mod folder from the extracted ZIP to graphicPacks/ in your Cemu directory
  • Load Cemu and enable the Zelda Mod from the graphic pack menu

Note: Installing the mod using BCML does not work for some reason