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Math Libraries: Expand your Nspire's Mathematical Capabilities 2019-04-12T08:22:00 true post

Originally posted on my old old old blog

Feeling limited by your Nspire's mathematical capabilities? Wondering why your Nspire's missing important math (or programming) functions? Well, what you need is a math library! The TI-Nspire CX CAS comes with two libraries, linalgcas and numtheory, which add useful matrix and number theory operations, but can we do more? The attached zip file includes seven more libraries, offering tons of algebra, geometry, and list functions and operations!


  1. Download and unzip the attached zip archive. (Or use this link: [url][/url])

  2. Open [url=]TI -Nspire Computer Link[/url] and send the .tns files to your calculator

  3. Move the files into the MyLib folder on your handheld.

  4. Click [doc]-[6] to refresh libraries.

  5. To access your newly installed math libraries, just open the catalog, (press the book button) then [6]. All the libraries should be listed below.