Because why not?
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Plasma in Arch in Docker

Because why not?

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A docker image of Arch Linux with KDE desktop and VNC support.


Figure 1

Pull image

docker pull ta180m/archlinux-vnc

The tag can be one of those listed above.


Simple usage:

docker run -d -p 5900:5900 -p 6080:6080 -e VNC_PASSWD=password ta180m/plasma-in-arch-in-docker

Then visit http://localhost:6080 to visit noVNC UI. Or you can use a different VNC client (like TigerVNC client) and connect to localhost:5900.

If VNC_PASSWD is not set, then the security type of vncserver is set to None, it is insecure when exposing the container on the Internet.

Exposed ports

  • 5900: Used for VNC interface
  • 6080: Used for noVNC Web UI

Installed applications

  • plasma-meta
  • kde-system-meta
  • konsole
  • tigervnc
  • noVNC
  • wget
  • firefox


docker build -t plasma-in-arch-in-docker .



By default, noVNC's scaling mode is set to None. It can be changed in the noVNC panel easily.