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# Allowlisting gitignore template for GO projects prevents us
# from adding various unwanted local files, such as generated
# files, developer configurations or IDE-specific files etc.
# Recommended: Go.AllowList.gitignore
# Ignore everything
# But not these files...
# !Makefile
# ...even if they are in subdirectories

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|一|一|yī|det.: one {{audio|cmn|Zh-yi1.ogg|yī}}
|在|在|zài|in, at, on, etc. {{audio|cmn|Zh-zài.ogg|zài}}
|有|有|yǒu|have, possess
|個|个|gè|piece, item {{audio|cmn|Zh-gè.ogg|gè}}
|我|我|wǒ|I, me, ego, self {{audio|cmn|Zh-wǒ.ogg|wǒ}}
|不|不|bù|non, do not, no, nowise, not, nope, nae, no more, nix {{audio|cmn|Zh-bu4.ogg|bù}}
|這|这|zhè|now, this, det.: this, it
|他|他|tā|he, she, it, they (referring to inanimate things in object position) {{audio|cmn|Zh-tā.ogg|tā}}
|也|也|yě|also, too, as well, either, even {{audio|cmn|Zh-ye3.ogg|yě}}
|就|就|jiù|then, at once, right away, an indicator strengthening speaker's evaluation
|人|人|rén|person, people {{audio|cmn|Zh-rén.ogg|rén}}
|都|都|dōu|all, even, already
|說|说|shuō|speak, talk, explain, scold {{audio|cmn|Zh-shuō.ogg|shuō}}
|而|而|ér|conj.: and yet
|們|们|men|plural marker for personal pronouns or for nouns referring to people
|你|你|nǐ|you {{audio|cmn|Zh-nǐ.ogg|nǐ}}
|了|了|le|particle: indicating new situation or completed action {{audio|cmn|Fr-le.ogg|le}}
|要|要|yào|want, need, must, should {{audio|cmn|Zh-yào.ogg|yào}}
|會|会|huì|to be able, can, will, to meet {{audio|cmn|Zh-huì.ogg|huì}}
|對|对|duì|correct, true, toward {{audio|cmn|Zh-duì.ogg|duì}}
|及|及|jí|to reach, to catch up, and {{audio|cmn|Zh-jí.ogg|jí}}
|和|和|hé|and, with, gentle, peaceful
|與|与|yǔ|and, together with, to give
|以|以|yǐ|using, taking, from a point on, because of
|很|很|hěn|pretty, thrice, monstrously, gey, quite, mighty, stinking, sopping, some, assai, full, most, clinking, much, thumping, awfully, fiendishly, thundering, very, real, really, bally, proper, grossly, powerful, so, rattling, well, considerably, greatly, terribly
|種|种|zhǒng|m.[kind] {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhǒng.ogg|zhǒng}}
|的|的|de|particle: emphasizing an action/situation
|大|大|dà|great, macro, old, very, vast, tall, big, high, much
|能|能|néng|can or to be capable of
|她|她|tā|she, her, she (neologism for {1ta1}[2]), )
|那|那|nà|det.: that
|上|上|shàng|on, above {{audio|cmn|Zh-shàng.ogg|shàng}}
|但|但|dàn|conj.: but, yet, still, nevertheless, only, merely {{audio|cmn|Zh-dàn.ogg|dàn}}
|年|年|nián|year {{audio|cmn|Zh-nián.ogg|nián}}
|還|还|hái|still, yet, also, too, as well, besides
|可以|可以|kěyǐ|can, may
|最|最|zuì|most, to the highest degree, much, superlatively
|自己|自己|zìjǐ|lonesome, number_one, own, ego, self, oneself, name
|來|来|lái|to {{audio|cmn|Zh-lái.ogg|lái}}
|所|所|suǒ|that which
|兩|两|liǎng|det.: two, both (sides), either (side), a few, some {{audio|cmn|Zh-liǎng.ogg|liǎng}}
|各|各|gè|det.: each, every {{audio|cmn|Zh-gè.ogg|gè}}
|可|可|kě|can, may {{audio|cmn|Zh-kě.ogg|kě}}
|為|为|wéi|be, become
|或|或|huò|conj.: or, either or {{audio|cmn|Zh-huò.ogg|huò}}
|好|好|hǎo|good {{audio|cmn|Zh-hǎo.ogg|hǎo}}
|等|等|děng|conj.: and so on, etc {{audio|cmn|Zh-děng.ogg|děng}}
|又|又|yòu|again, moreover
|將|将|jiāng|be about to {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiāng.ogg|jiāng}}
|因為|因为|yīnwèi|conj.: because, for, on account of
|於|于|yú|in, at, to, from, out of, by
|由|由|yóu|from, via, by, through, owing/due to
|從|从|cóng|from, since, through {{audio|cmn|Zh-cóng.ogg|cóng}}
|更|更|gèng|more, still/even more, further, furthermore {{audio|cmn|Zh-gèng.ogg|gèng}}
|被|被|bèi|by {{audio|cmn|Zh-bèi.ogg|bèi}}
|才|才|cái|then and only then, just now, only (before a number) {{audio|cmn|Zh-cái.ogg|cái}}
|者|者|zhě|nominal suffix, one who, -er
|每|每|měi|det.: every {{audio|cmn|Zh-měi.ogg|měi}}
|次|次|cì|order, sequence, next {{audio|cmn|Zh-cì.ogg|cì}}
|把|把|bǎ|indicating pre-verbal object as thing dealt with by the action {{audio|cmn|zh-bǎ.ogg|bǎ}}
|三|三|sān|det.: three {{audio|cmn|Zh-sān.ogg|sān}}
|什麼|什么|shéme|anything, what
|問題|问题|wèntí|problem, mishap, query, job, interface, question, inquiry, matter, enquiry, trouble, issue, worry, subject, topic, hang-up, business, quaere
|其|其|qí|det.: its, his, her, their, it, this, that {{audio|cmn|Zh-qí.ogg|qí}}
|讓|让|ràng|allow, induce sb. to do sth. {{audio|cmn|Zh-ràng.ogg|ràng}}
|此|此|cǐ|this, det.: this, here
|做|做|zuò|make, do {{audio|cmn|Zh-zuò.ogg|zuò}}
|再|再|zài|again, once more, further(more), in a higher degree, and then, not (do sth.) before {{audio|cmn|Zh-zài.ogg|zài}}
|所以|所以|suǒyǐ|conj.: so, therefore, as a result
|只|只|zhǐ|only, merely {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhǐ.ogg|zhǐ}}
|與|与|yǔ|with, to
|則|则|zé|then, in that case
|卻|却|què|however, but, yet, indeed
|並|并|bìng|to be side by side, simultaneously, and {{audio|cmn|Zh-bìng.ogg|bìng}}
|位|位|wèi|location, digit, m.[general], , status, figure, throne, position, place, condition {{audio|cmn|Zh-wèi.ogg|wèi}}
|想|想|xiǎng|think, suppose, reckon, consider, want to, would like to, feel like (doing sth.) {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiǎng.ogg|xiǎng}}
|去|去|qù|to go, to leave, in order to {{audio|cmn|Zh-qù.ogg|qù}}
|呢|呢|ne|particle: marking quesitons about subject already mentioned; indicating strong affirmation
|學生|学生|xuéshēng|academic, pupil, pup, tutee, follower, scholar, schoolchild, schoolboy, alumnus, disciple, learner, scholastic, student
|表示|表示|biǎoshì|demonstrate, exhibit, prove, show, extend, manifest, express, stamp, signify, mark, witness, look, give, denote, evince, expression, bespeak, say, profess, mean, offer, utter, infer, indicate, represent, read, speak, refer, give tongue to, intend, be, shew, pay, stand_for, establish, stand for, present, render, betoken
|到|到|dào|up until {{audio|cmn|Zh-dào.ogg|dào}}
|公司|公司|gōngsī|place of business, business organization, incorporation, establishment, business concern, office, concern, business establishment, business, enterprise, company, corporation
|將|将|jiāng|introducing object of main verb {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiāng.ogg|jiāng}}
|如果|如果|rúguǒ|conj.: if {{audio|cmn|Zh-rúguǒ.ogg|rúguǒ}}
|社會|社会|shèhuì|community, society, monde, social, public
|看|看|kàn|see, look at, watch, read, look upon, regard, look after, call on, visit {{audio|cmn|Zh-kàn.ogg|kàn}}
|小|小|xiǎo|small, little, petty, minor;young {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiǎo.ogg|xiǎo}}
|天|天|tiān|sky, heaven {{audio|cmn|Zh-tiān.ogg|tiān}}
|因此|因此|yīncǐ|conj.: therefore, consequently
|新|新|xīn|new, fresh, up-to-date {{audio|cmn|Zh-xīn.ogg|xīn}}
|但是|但是|dànshì|conj.: but, however, yet, still
|它|它|tā|they (neologism for {1ta1}[3] [4]), [4]), ), this, that, it
|中|中|zhōng|center, middle, interior {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhōng.ogg|zhōng}}
|使|使|shǐ|rarefy, piss_off, germinate, drench, blow_out, leave, cut_up, refract, run, dress_up, compose, shed, frizz, put_off, trot, send, strike, send (as envoy), peal, alienate, pull_in, tone_up, bring around, astound, sublease, wither, cripple, bed_down, address, rehearse, usage, warm, smell_out, throw, inflect, get_down, skunk, capsize, congeal, bowl_over, bring_on, unseat, ensure, amalgamate, pro
|工作|工作|gōngzuò|work, job
|全|全|quán|det.: all, Surname, whole, Quan {{audio|cmn|Zh-quán.ogg|quán}}
|覺得|觉得|juéde|imagine, guess, believe, reckon, suspect, suppose, think, listen, feel, consider, think_of, appear, conceive
|使用|使用|shǐyòng|use, employ, apply
|這些|这些|zhèxiē|det.: these
|裡|里|lǐ|inside {{audio|cmn|Zh-lǐ.ogg|lǐ}}
|並|并|bìng|actually, truly {{audio|cmn|Zh-bìng.ogg|bìng}}
|由於|由于|yóuyú|conj.: owing/due/thanks to
|時候|时候|shíhòu|day, moment, (a point in) time, (duration of) time, time
|知道|知道|zhīdào|tell, have, ken, understand, infer, wis, learn, cognize, gather, know, be aware of, wise up, savvy, mind, realize
|這樣|这样|zhèyàng|so, such, like this, this way
|一|一|yī|as soon as {{audio|cmn|Zh-yi1.ogg|yī}}
|認為|认为|rènwéi|find, treat, deem, suppose, look_on, repute, discount, esteem, accredit, feel, account, calculate, estimate, take to be, reckon, expect, think, hold, trust, recognise, opine, sound off, adjudge, consideration, consider, regard as, look upon, believe_in, disbelieve, allow, conceive, regard, call, imagine, view, forecast, believe, suspect, rate, animadvert, look on, listen, speak up, figure, c
|時間|时间|shíjiān|moment, day, clock time, fourth_dimension, relativity, hour, duration, time, when, while, temporal, economy
|事|事|shì|responsibility, trouble, event, thing, worry, accident, case, involvement, work, affair, job, concern, business, toast, matter {{audio|cmn|Zh-shì.ogg|shì}}
|過|过|guò|[aspect] {{audio|cmn|Zh-guò.ogg|guò}}
|向|向|xiàng|to, towards {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiàng.ogg|xiàng}}
|可能|可能|kěnéng|probably, maybe
|中國|中国|zhōngguó|Cathay, China, china
|美國|美国|měiguó|House_of_Representatives, the United States of America, US, U.S.A., bench, Columbia, Yankeeland, U.S., United States, Democrat, Yankeedom, USA, America, United States of America
|到|到|dào|arrive, reach, go to {{audio|cmn|Zh-dào.ogg|dào}}
|和|和|hé|together) with
|幾|几|jǐ|det.: how many, a few, several, some {{audio|cmn|Zh-jǐ.ogg|jǐ}}
|系統|系统|xìtǒng|lineage, filiation, scheme, pedigree, system, formation, superstructure, programme, organization, succession, tract, system of rules, organisation, program
|政府|政府|zhèngfǔ|sirkar, state, country, nation, governmental, body politic, government, administration, civil order, polity, commonwealth, regime, res publica, land
|大家|大家|dàjiā|sundry, great master, rich and influential family, pontiff, all of us, everyone, authority, master, distinguished family
|國家|国家|guójiā|sirkar, state, country, patria, a people, nationality, nation, republic, soli, body politic, clime, national, civil order, polity, commonwealth, land, res publica
|許多|许多|xǔduō|lot, scores, lots, sight, pot, heap, quantity, plenty, slews, ton, battalion, many, scads, tidy sum, power, spate, chunk, pile, crowd, vastness, batch, lashings, whole lot, mint, mound, pocketful, large number, trunkful, ream, mickle, great deal, flock, mass, slew, heaps, a lot of, piles, whole slew, mess, raff, slue, gobs, much, lotta, multitude, volume, wad, store, raft, tons, satiety, rafts, doze
|生活|生活|shēnghuó|life, existence, livelihood
|跟|跟|gēn|with, to, from {{audio|cmn|Zh-gēn.ogg|gēn}}
|大學|大学|dàxué|university, college
|研究|研究|yánjiù|study, research
|因|因|yīn|conj.: because, as {{audio|cmn|Zh-yīn.ogg|yīn}}
|本|本|běn|det.: this {{audio|cmn|Zh-běn.ogg|běn}}
|二|二|èr|det.: two, second
|活動|活动|huódòng|activity, maneuver, behavior
|該|该|gāi|det.: this, that {{audio|cmn|Zh-gāi.ogg|gāi}}
|世界|世界|shìjiè|mundane, creation, world, monde, orb, nature, domain
|應|应|yīng|should, ought to
|四|四|sì|det.: four
|希望|希望|xīwàng|hope, wish
|方式|方式|fāngshì|path, plan, pattern, tenor, system, method, manner, style, way, guise, fashion, wise, means, shape, how, embodiment, agency, gate, mode, sort
|內|内|nèi|inside {{audio|cmn|Zh-nèi.ogg|nèi}}
|項|项|xiàng|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiàng.ogg|xiàng}}
|啊|啊|ā|particle: used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation {{audio|cmn|Zh-ā.ogg|ā}}
|下|下|xià|under (condition/fact etc.) {{audio|cmn|Zh-xià.ogg|xià}}
|環境|环境|huánjìng|circumambiency, environmental, circumstances, environment, entourage, surround, atmosphere, setting, surroundings, ambiance, condition, context, circumstance, surrounding, frame, milieu, ambient, consideration, environs, medium, ambience
|一些|一些|yīxiē|det.: some, a few, a little
|文化|文化|wénhuà|civilization, literacy, acculturation, Kultur, vandalism, cultural, education, schooling, culture
|高|高|gāo|tall, high {{audio|cmn|Zh-gāo.ogg|gāo}}
|孩子|孩子|háizi|kid, issue, chap, daughter, children, sonny, son or daughter, child, spawn, boy, kipper, son
|沒有|没有|méiyǒu|not have, there is not, be without
|不能|不能|bùnéng|must/may/can not, not be allowed
|如|如|rú|according to, in accordance with, such as, as if, like, for example
|開始|开始|kāishǐ|begin, start
|元|元|yuán|m.[standard] {{audio|cmn|Zh-yuán.ogg|yuán}}
|仍|仍|réng|yet, anyway, still
|網路|网路|wǎnglù|WWW, net, network, Internet, meshwork, web, world wide web, mesh, reticulation
|日本|日本|rìběn|Nippon, Cipango, Nihon, Japan, japan, Japanese
|用|用|yòng|with {{audio|cmn|Zh-yòng.ogg|yòng}}
|中心|中心|zhōngxīn|center, heart, hub
|來|来|lái|come, arrive {{audio|cmn|Zh-lái.ogg|lái}}
|對|对|duì|right; correct {{audio|cmn|Zh-duì.ogg|duì}}
|雖然|虽然|suīrán|conj.: though, although
|重要|重要|zhòngyào|important, significant, major
|地方|地方|dìfāng|country, soil, terrain, part, clime, way, territory, room, neighbourhood, tinderbox, locality (as distinct from the central administrat, child, tract, province, position, respect, where, region, space, place, local
|進行|进行|jìnxíng|be in progress, go on, carry on/out
|關係|关系|guānxì|relation, bearing, impact, membership credentials, "backdoor connections"
|市場|市场|shìchǎng|bourse, bazar, marketplace, grocery store, agora, bazaar, securities industry, grocery, piazza, plaza, rialto, mart, pitch, market
|太|太|tài|excessively, too, extremely, very
|老師|老师|lǎoshī|rabbi, professor, swami, instructor, teacher, mast
|提供|提供|tígōng|feed, offer, put_up, afford, proffer, set_up, capitalize, bring_forward, sponsor, extend, ply, provision, sustain, equip, supply, cough_up, bear, render, furnish, cater, billet, provide
|學校|学校|xuéxiào|seminary, schoolhouse, educational institution, school, institution
|應該|应该|yīnggāi|should, ought to
|指出|指出|zhǐchū|point, point_out, catch_out, bespeak, indicate, denote, point out (that), note, show, designate, point out
|經濟|经济|jīngjì|economy, financial condition, income
|其他|其他|qítā|det.: others, the rest, other, else
|家|家|jiā|family, household, home, house {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiā.ogg|jiā}}
|發展|发展|fāzhǎn|develop, expand, grow
|成為|成为|chéngwéi|find, join, comprise, turn to, commemorate, sample, entomb, come_up, commence, get hold, learn, add up, necessitate, run, make up, constitute, make, form, come, amount, represent, fall, presage, change, be, turn, turn into, become, line up, come up, shape, portend, foretell, get
|多|多|duō|many, much, more, more than the correct/required number, excessive, too much, much/far more {{audio|cmn|Zh-duo1.ogg|duō}}
|非常|非常|fēicháng|extraordinary, unusual, special, very, extremely, highly
|便|便|biàn|as early as, soon afterwards, little as, as early, and then, and so, so, as early/little as, as little as, then, in that case
|方面|方面|fāngmiàn|side, aspect, sector, part, light, facet, behalf, way, respect, direction, bearing, field, phase, sphere, angle, hand
|吃|吃|chī|feed, have, be subject to, absorb, chow, live on, eat, have one's meals, be a strain, exhaust, fare, take in, live off, annihilate, wipe out, partake, suffer, ingest, consume, graze, lunch, manducate, incur, take, get, use up, make, taste, soak up {{audio|cmn|Zh-chī.ogg|chī}}
|然後|然后|ránhòu|therewith, and so, and_then, and then, thereupon, after that, so, then, with that
|未|未|wèi|or not (at end of sentence), have not yet, or not, not {{audio|cmn|Zh-wèi.ogg|wèi}}
|發現|发现|fāxiàn|find, discover
|電腦|电脑|diànnǎo|electronic computer, computery, data processor, information processing system, computer
|一樣|一样|yīyàng|same, equal, similar
|而且|而且|érqiě|conj.: furthermore, and
|心|心|xīn|heart, mind, feeling, center, core {{audio|cmn|Zh-xīn.ogg|xīn}}
|不過|不过|búguò|conj.: but, however, only
|無法|无法|wúfǎ|nohow, unable to, unable, cannot
|企業|企业|qǐyè|proposition, business enterprise, business organization, business concern, concern, commercial enterprise, endeavour, endeavor, industry, business, project, corporation, enterprise
|正|正|zhèng|precisely, punctually {{audio|cmn|Zh-正.oga|zhèng}}
|服務|服务|fúwù|be in the service of, serve
|較|较|jiào|rather, quite, relatively, more {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiào.ogg|jiào}}
|曾|曾|zēng|once, ever, before
|嗎|吗|mā|particle: calling for agreement or disagreement
|空間|空间|kōngjiān|elbow room, allowance, margin, roomage, open air/sky/space, road, leeway, way, open air, sheets, room, tolerance, opening, clear, sky, spacial, interspace, vacuity, spatial, dimension, open sky/space, space, place, vacuum
|看到|看到|kàndào|view, receive, ken, observe, lamp, catch, see, take in, watch, chatter away, lay_eyes_on, boast, brag, shoot the breeze, spy, catch sight of, catch sight of
|五|五|wǔ|det.: five {{audio|cmn|Zh-wǔ.ogg|wǔ}}
|國內|国内|guónèi|interior (of country), interior, home, intestine, internal, domestic
|們|们|men|pluralizer after pronouns and nouns of persons
|無|无|wú|not have, there is not
|對於|对于|duìyú|in regard) to, toward, at, for
|以及|以及|yǐjí|conj.: as well as, along with, and
|之後|之后|zhīhòu|later, behind, at the back of, after
|可是|可是|kěshì|conj.: but, yet, however
|當|当|dāng|when, while {{audio|cmn|Zh-dāng.ogg|dāng}}
|人員|人员|rényuán|strength, personnel, force, staff
|比|比|bǐ|compared with {{audio|cmn|Zh-bǐ.ogg|bǐ}}
|先|先|xiān|earlier, in advance, before
|產品|产品|chǎnpǐn|baby, brand, output, product, produce, end product, merchandise, fruitage, growth, manufacture, wares, production
|資訊|资讯|zīxùn|stuff, message, information, news, info
|資料|资料|zīliào|food, source, info, means, data, information, material, datum, data point, matter
|比較|比较|bǐjiào|relatively, fairly
|先生|先生|xiānshēng|doctor of Chinese medicine, Don, mulla, Ms., sir., teacher, gentleman, gospodin, Signor, signor, fortune-teller, babu, baboo, Herr, Mister, bey, mister, bwana, husband, siree, buckra, sirrah, senor, guv, sahib, Mr., rabbi, don, signore, Dan, sir, m'sieur, effendi, Tuan, baas, Monsieur, lording, monsieur, doctor, Mr, milord, Mynheer, signior, esquire, bookkeeper, Senor, rabboni, Senhor, sieur, sen
|地|地|dì|the earth, land, soil, fields, ground, place, position, background, distance {{audio|cmn|Zh-dì.ogg|dì}}
|除了|除了|chúle|except, besides
|大陸|大陆|dàlù|Ch. mainland
|需要|需要|xūyào|need, want, require, demand
|像|像|xiàng|be like {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiàng.ogg|xiàng}}
|在|在|zài|indicating an action in progress {{audio|cmn|Zh-zài.ogg|zài}}
|給|给|gěi|give, give to {{audio|cmn|Zh-gěi.ogg|gěi}}
|歲|岁|suì|year (for crops), m.[standard], , year of age, year (of age), year, annum, year for crops {{audio|cmn|Zh-suì.ogg|suì}}
|請|请|qǐng|request, ask (a favor), engage, hire (teacher/etc.), Please...
|月|月|yuè|moon {{audio|cmn|Zh-yuè.ogg|yuè}}
|另|另|lìng|det.: another {{audio|cmn|Zh-lìng.ogg|lìng}}
|若|若|ruò|conj.: if, as if
|亦|亦|yì|also, too {{audio|cmn|Zh-yì.ogg|yì}}
|地區|地区|dìqū|section, country, area, latitude, zone, terrain, parts, locality, sector, province, prefecture, region, district, faubourg
|技術|技术|jìshù|mechanics, know-how, prowess, science, Minerva, superior skill, art, competence, technology, craft, craftsmanship, skill, education, technique, artistry, engineering, technological, equipment, technical
|至|至|zhì|to, until, till {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhi4.ogg|zhì}}
|特別|特别|tèbié|unusual, specially
|其實|其实|qíshí|as a matter of fact, actually, in fact
|不要|不要|búyào|never, noway, don't want, don't (do sth.)
|發生|发生|fāshēng|happen, occur, take place
|參加|参加|cānjiā|join, attend, take part in, give (advice/etc.)
|其中|其中|qízhōng|among, of them, in it, among them, which, them, det.: it, in, in which
|問|问|wèn|ask, examine, question, interrogate {{audio|cmn|Zh-wèn.ogg|wèn}}
|台北|台北|táiběi|capital of Nationalist China, capital of Republic of China on Taiwan, Taipei
|包括|包括|bāokuò|consist_of, consist of, subtend, embrace, comprise, incorporate, embody, involve, count, subsume, take_in, comprehend, incorporation, include, comprize, run, cover, package, consist in
|講|讲|jiǎng|discourse, utter, talk, negotiation, make clear, negotiate, parley, pay attention to, speak, syllable, discuss, explain, tell, be particular about, explanation, interpretation, interpret, relate, discussion, stress, mouth, say, remark, verbalize {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiǎng.ogg|jiǎng}}
|造成|造成|zàochéng|make_for, give rise to, create, set_up, strike, creation, cause, contribute, bring_about, procure, give, bring about, cut_out, necessitate, shape, present, bring_forth, generate, yield, make, breed
|看|看|kàn|think, consider {{audio|cmn|Zh-kàn.ogg|kàn}}
|像|像|xiàng|be like, resemble {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiàng.ogg|xiàng}}
|常|常|cháng|often, usually, frequently {{audio|cmn|Zh-cháng.ogg|cháng}}
|即|即|jí|at present, in the immediate future, then, promptly, at once
|喜歡|喜欢|xǐhuān|like, love, be fond of, be happy/elated
|去|去|qù|go, go to {{audio|cmn|Zh-qù.ogg|qù}}
|出現|出现|chūxiàn|appear, arise, emerge
|政治|政治|zhèngzhì|paternalism, trouble, government, policy, political relation, political science, polity, politics, political affairs, political
|話|话|huà|words, thing, language, tongue, talk, speech, spoken_language, conversation, utterance, expression, story, tale, saying, natural language, sayings, word
|走|走|zǒu|scram, travel, foot, go away, evaporate, ankle, waltz, step, bugger off, etc., go through, leave, leak, run, buzz off, leg, pad, fork, visit, go, escape, lose flavor, work, call on, strike, sashay, trace, pursue, gang, lose shape/etc., get_along, come_along, walk, hoof it, lose flavor/shape/etc., leg it, let out, shape, drive, cover, take, get, hoof, move {{audio|cmn|Zh-zǒu.ogg|zǒu}}
|單位|单位|dānwèi|department, unit, denomination, module, building block, unit of measurement, monad, unit (in measurement or organization)
|一直|一直|yīzhí|e'er, away, continuously, all the way, right, forever, all_along, always, the whole way, all along, straight, slap, through, ever, evermore
|吧|吧|ba|particle: used to show mild imperative or uncertainty
|是否|是否|shìfǒu|whether or not, is it so or not
|當然|当然|dāngrán|certainly, of course
|整|整|zhěng|det.: exact {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhěng.oga|zhěng}}
|處理|处理|chǔlǐ|handle, deal with, dispose of, process
|歷史|历史|lìshǐ|past records, historical, history
|了解|了解|liǎojiě|understand, comprehend, find out, acquaint oneself with
|那|那|nà|then, in that case
|機會|机会|jīhuì|scouth, occasion, good luck, hap, liberty, fortune, opportunity, chance, joss, hazard, happy chance, probability, luck, scope, room, break, turn, opening
|家|家|jiā|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiā.ogg|jiā}}
|聽|听|tīng|hear, list, hearken, obey, obedience, listen, heed, administer, let, allow, hark
|所有|所有|suǒyǒu|det.: all
|只要|只要|zhǐyào|conj.: so long as, provided
|朋友|朋友|péngyou|amigo, connections, kith, friend, boy, crony, ami, boy/girl friend, companion, mate, boy friend or girl friend, compadre, boy friend, Mac, paisano, matey, old_boy, sport, folks, pard, hearty, Kamerad, cocker, cobber, girl friend, pardner, company
|令|令|lìng|make, cause {{audio|cmn|Zh-lìng.ogg|lìng}}
|甚至|甚至|shènzhì|even (to the point of), so much so that
|用|用|yòng|use, employ, apply, eat, drink, spend {{audio|cmn|Zh-yòng.ogg|yòng}}
|真|真|zhēn|really, truly, indeed, clearly
|六|六|liù|det.: six {{audio|cmn|Zh-liù.ogg|liù}}
|呀|呀|ya|particle: replacing 啊 when preceding word ends in a, e, i, o, or (y)u; used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
|情況|情况|qíngkuàng|event, things, state of affairs, circumstantiality, case, circumstances, way, plight, experimental condition, streak, military situation, matter, condition, mood, circumstance, context, occasion, thing, instance, affair, shape, situation, juncture, consideration
|還是|还是|háishì|still, nevertheless
|錢|钱|qián|copper coin, cash, money, fund, sum {{audio|cmn|Zh-qián.ogg|qián}}
|方法|方法|fāngfǎ|know-how, plan, attack, system, stepping-stone, manner, method, gateway, idea, measure, way, guise, key, wise, quomodo, plan of attack, tack, machinery, process, avenue, modus, how, means, channel, gate, approach, agency, gamesmanship, mode, medium, sort
|點|点|diǎn|m.[proximation] {{audio|cmn|Zh-diǎn.ogg|diǎn}}
|任何|任何|rènhé|aught, det.: any
|藝術|艺术|yìshù|beaux-arts, aesthetical, artistic production, artistic, ars, art, academy, aesthetic, artistic creation, skill, craft, artistry, esthetic
|你們|你们|nǐmen|you, you (plural), you-all
|十|十|shí|det.: ten {{audio|cmn|Zh-shí.ogg|shí}}
|主要|主要|zhǔyào|main, chief, principal, major
|媽媽|妈妈|māmā|mummy, mammy, ma, mother, mamma, mum, mommy, female parent, mom, Mama, mater, mama, momma
|增加|增加|zēngjiā|increase, raise, add
|提出|提出|tíchū|put forward, pose, raise
|為什麼|为什么|wèishéme|why, why?, how come, why is it that?, whereat, whereto
|以|以|yǐ|conj.: in order to, so as to
|您|您|nín|you {{audio|cmn|Zh-nín.ogg|nín}}
|計畫|计画|jìhuà|plan, project, program
|作|作|zuò|do, make, rise, write, compose, pretend, affect, feign {{audio|cmn|Zh-zuò.ogg|zuò}}
|利用|利用|lìyòng|use, utilize, take advantage of, exploit
|東西|东西|dōngxī|thing, creature
|在|在|zài|exist, live, be at/in/on, depend on, rest with {{audio|cmn|Zh-zài.ogg|zài}}
|條|条|tiáo|bar, item, short note, a long narrow piece, streak, clause, stripe, sth. long and narrow, filet, m.[general], , article, strip, assize, twig, ingot, slip {{audio|cmn|Zh-tiáo.ogg|tiáo}}
|設計|设计|shèjì|design, plan
|找|找|zhǎo|look for, seek, call on, approach {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhǎo.ogg|zhǎo}}
|之間|之间|zhījiān|among, between
|成長|成长|chéngzhǎng|grow up, mature
|能夠|能够|nénggòu|can, able, would, may
|決定|决定|juédìng|decide, resolve, make up one's mind, determine
|學習|学习|xuéxí|study, learn, emulate
|誰|谁|shéi|who, someone, anyone
|見|见|jiàn|see, be exposed to, become visible, call on, refer to, meet with, appear to be, appear, vide, catch sight of, meet {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiàn.ogg|jiàn}}
|半|半|bàn|det.: half
|時代|时代|shídài|day, period, a period in one's life, epoch, present time, historical period, time, chapter, period in one's life, modern times, historic period, contemporary world, times, era, modern world, age
|完成|完成|wánchéng|fill in, finish out, fulfil, practice, complete, finish, encompass, clear_up, top_off, cleave, top off, accomplishment, make out, effect, perfective, fulfill, go through, exercise, discharge, fill out, completion, end, run, bring ... to fruition, round_out, achieve, execute, round out, make, cap off, accomplish, practise, follow through, come, finalize, fulfilment, dispatch, bring ...
|帶|带|dài|look after, raise {{audio|cmn|Zh-dài.ogg|dài}}
|相當|相当|xiāngdāng|quite, fairly, considerably
|同學|同学|tóngxué|class fellow, fellow student, condisciple, classmate, schoolmate, schoolfellow, form of address used in speaking to a student
|件|件|jiàn|correspondence, paper, document, bit, m.[general], , single item, letter, piece {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiàn.ogg|jiàn}}
|能力|能力|nénglì|department, potency, ability, acquisition, acquirement, capacity, performance, oomph, sufficiency, energy, competence, accomplishment, size, might, faculty, hand, coequal, efficiency, inner resources, capability, giftie, attainment, capableness, zip, skill, competency, power
|別人|别人|biérén|others, other people, another person
|生命|生命|shēngmìng|breath, god, head, anima, days, organism, blood, life, living thing, skin, longevity, being, vital, life form
|下|下|xià|below, under, underneath {{audio|cmn|Zh-xià.ogg|xià}}
|來|来|lái|time (since) {{audio|cmn|Zh-lái.ogg|lái}}
|場|场|cháng|m.[event] {{audio|cmn|Zh-cháng.ogg|cháng}}
|會議|会议|huìyì|synod, moot, conference, board, convocation, soviet, congress, talks, indaba, negotiation, junta, group discussion, convention, meeting place, session, council, rendezvous, colloquy, coming together, powwow, seance, meeting, forum, consultation, roll-up, get-together, assembly
|開發|开发|kāifā|develop, open up, exploit
|民眾|民众|mínzhòng|civil, crowd, masses, populace, rank_and_file, the masses, the masses of the people, the populace, demos, mob, multitude, plebs, commons, the common people, the people, million, public
|事情|事情|shìqíng|proposition, pie, shebang, thing, affair, occasions, undertaking, concern, question, business, schmear, matter
|書|书|shū|volume, document, style of calligraphy, book, script, letter {{audio|cmn|Zh-shū.ogg|shū}}
|事實|事实|shìshí|mood, circumstance, fact, factual, reality, verity, case, deed, sooth, troth, actuality, truth, matter, matter of fact
|有關|有关|yǒuguān|be related
|自|自|zì|from, since {{audio|cmn|Zh-zì.ogg|zì}}
|組織|组织|zǔzhī|tissue, nerve, weave, organization, organized system
|言|言|yán|say, talk, speak
|多|多|duō|more than the correct/required number, much/far more {{audio|cmn|Zh-duo1.ogg|duō}}
|愛|爱|ài|love, like, be fond of, be keen on, cherish, be apt to
|建立|建立|jiànlì|establish, set up, found
|相關|相关|xiāngguān|cognate, relational, interrelate, associated, be interrelated, relevant, related, be mutually related
|均|均| jūn|without exception, all
|產生|产生|chǎnshēng|come into being, produce, engender, emerge
|多|多|duō|det.: more than, much more {{audio|cmn|Zh-duo1.ogg|duō}}
|業者|业者|yèzhě|dealer, interest
|解決|解决|jiějué|solve, resolve, settle, dispose of, finish off
|完全|完全|wánquán|completely, fully, wholly, absolutely
|的話|的话|dehuà|conj.: if
|接受|接受|jiēshòu|receive (honors, have, receive, acknowledge, sweep up, espouse, etc.), come to grips, adopt, embrace, greet, welcome, hook on, seize on, take up, accede, taken, entertain, latch on, buy, fasten on, swallow, imbibe, accept, receive (honors/etc.), undergo, get to grips, take, adapt, acceptance, thole
|知|知|zhī|tell, notify, inform, be expert in, know, sense, be aware of, administration, notification, administer, be in charge of, realize {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhi1.ogg|zhī}}
|約|约|yuē|about, around
|一般|一般|yībān|general, ordinary, common
|推動|推动|tuīdòng|push forward, promote
|過程|过程|guòchéng|unconscious process, mechanism, process, act, round, course
|管理|管理|guǎnlǐ|manage, supervise, take care of
|功能|功能|gōngnéng|functional, niche, function, competence, capacity, anatomy
|手|手|shǒu|hand {{audio|cmn|Zh-shǒu.ogg|shǒu}}
|打|打|dǎ|generalized verb of doing with specific meaning determined by its object, strike, hit, fight, construct, forge, mix {{audio|cmn|Zh-dǎ.ogg|dǎ}}
|水|水|shuǐ|water, H2O, liquid, bubble, a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc., Shiu, waters, aqueous, Aquarius, river, Surname, blister, drink, eau, aqua
|要求|要求|yāoqiú|request, demand
|小朋友|小朋友|xiǎopéngyǒu|child (adult address to child), little boy, children, little boy/girl, girl, little girl, little boy or girl, child
|難|难|nán|make difficulties, take to task, put ... into a difficult position, disagreeable, make difficult, unpleasant, hard, difficult, troublesome, blame
|我國|我国|wǒguó|our country
|告訴|告诉|gàosù|tell, preach, notify, impart, inform, represent, apprize, send word, share, advise, give notice, apprise, assure, let know
|內容|内容|nèiróng|subject_matter, content, cognitive content, internal, contents, mental object, meat, substance, matter, lining
|結果|结果|jiéguǒ|result, outcome, consequence
|調查|调查|diàochá|investigate, look into, survey
|家庭|家庭|jiātíng|hearthstone, background, fireside, establishment, household, hearth, domestic, hearthside, menage, home, family unit, family, house
|成立|成立|chénglì|found, establish, be tenable, hold water
|選擇|选择|xuǎnzé|select, opt
|經營|经营|jīngyíng|manage, run, engage in
|然而|然而|ránér|conj.: even so, but
|父母|父母|fùmǔ|parental, parents, father and mother, folks
|寫|写|xiě|description, bewrite, direct, describe, pencil, draw, paint, inscribe, write, depiction, write_out, throw_off, depict, address, author, screeve, word, compose {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiě.ogg|xiě}}
|人類|人类|rénlèi|man, wight, human_being, human, human race, mankind, individual, human species, Homo_sapiens, populace, creature, hominid, world, mortality, microcosm, humans, humanitarianism, humanity, humanness, human beings/species, people, species, humankind, human beings, public, mortal
|至於|至于|zhìyū|as for/to
|買|买|mǎi|pick up, invest, hire, buy, purchase, put_down, trade, get {{audio|cmn|Zh-mǎi.ogg|mǎi}}
|配合|配合|pèihé|coordinate, cooperate
|進入|进入|jìnrù|go_into, get_in, debouch, get in, go into, move into, come_into, pass, step_in, lapse, get_into, set in, go in, get into, kick in, penetrate, intromission, pierce, come_in, come in, enter, entry, sink, impenetrate
|例如|例如|lìrú|for instance/example, e.g., such as
|得|得|děi|should be, need {{audio|cmn|Zh-děi.ogg|děi}}
|討論|讨论|tǎolùn|to discuss, to take something up with someone, to talk about
|依|依|yī|according to, judging by {{audio|cmn|Zh-yi1.ogg|yī}}
|作品|作品|zuòpǐn|writing, musical composition, whole kit and caboodle, works (of literature, artwork, kit and caboodle, product, whole works, creation, full treatment, kit and boodle, whole kit and boodle, works (of literature/art), composition, thing, piece of music, workpiece, output, art), written material, opus, whole shebang, whole caboodle, production, whole kit, piece, workmanship, wo
|情形|情形|qíngxíng|circumstance, trimness, event, trim, instance, state of affairs, case, circumstances, status, situation, condition
|資源|资源|zīyuán|resource, natural resources, mine, resources
|原因|原因|yuányīn|origin, causation, reason, wherefore, causal, breeder, spore, cause, causal agent, whence, causal agency, occasion, root, subject, causality, why, starter
|啦|啦|lā|particle: used when informing sb. of st.; indicating excitement/doubt/comfort/etc.
|妳|妳|nǐ|you(female) {{audio|cmn|Zh-nǐ.ogg|nǐ}}
|運動|运动|yùndòng|sports, athletics, exercise, movement, campaign
|觀念|观念|guānniàn|conception, intension, theory, philosophy, idolum, connotation, idea, sense, presentation, notion, concept, construct, intellection, presentment, thought, notional, conceit
|給|给|gěi|for, for the benefit of, by (in passive cons.) {{audio|cmn|Zh-gěi.ogg|gěi}}
|品質|品质|pǐnzhí|calibre, appraisal, caliber, character, self, intrinsic, brew, quality, timber, sort
|經過|经过|jīngguò|pass, go through, undergo
|如此|如此|rúcǐ|thus, like this, such
|嗯|嗯|ēn|O.K., How come, Huh, What, Why, Agreed!, well, um
|精神|精神|jīngshén|god, guts, heart, pneuma, consciousness, vigor, life, energy, vim, courage, esprit, moral, get-up-and-go, ginger, vitality, Psyche, psyche, spunk, gumption, juice, sand, mind, mental, mens, mickey, mettle, nature, grit, oomph, genius, vigour, substance, psychic, backbone, nous, nerve, pazazz, essence, pep, spirit, inward, drive, push, soul, gist
|之|之|zhī|it, him, her, this {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhi1.ogg|zhī}}
|過|过|guò|pass, cross, transfer (e.g., ownership), undergo a process, go through, celebrate, observe {{audio|cmn|Zh-guò.ogg|guò}}
|好像|好像|hǎoxiàng|seem, be like
|成|成|chéng|become, turn into {{audio|cmn|Zh-chéng.ogg|chéng}}
|參與|参与|cānyū|participate in
|以後|以后|yǐhòu|afterwards, later, future, in the future, hereafter
|於是|于是|yūshì|conj.: thereupon, hence, consequently, as a result
|部分|部分|bùfèn|partial, department, section, partialness, slice, pars, part, det.: part, percent, partage, sphere, component, divvy, segment, portion, fraction, sector, chapter, share, percentage, piece, division, sectional, parcel
|另外|另外|lìngwài|conj.: in addition, besides, moreover
|公園|公园|gōngyuán|common, green, garden, commons, park
|努力|努力|nǔlì|make great effort, try hard
|研究|研究|yánjiù|research, study
|具有|具有|jùyǒu|be provided with, have, have got, possess, hold, possession, carry, inhere, bear
|共同|共同|gòngtóng|common, joint
|下|下|xià|det.: next, second {{audio|cmn|Zh-xià.ogg|xià}}
|行為|行为|xíngwéi|fact, demeanor, form, deportment, dealing, behavior, doings, course, act, point, goings-on, demeanour, procedure, lapse, going, bearing, turn, behaviour, activity, ongoing, thing, human action, conduct, commitment, human activity, behavioral, agency, deed, comportment, action
|合作|合作|hézuò|cooperate, collaborate, work together
|經|经|jīng|as a result of, through, after {{audio|cmn|Zh-jīng.ogg|jīng}}
|合作|合作|hézuò|cooperate, collaborate, work together
|目標|目标|mùbiāo|polestar, objective, goal, bourn, object, meaning, aim, end point, target, cause, landmark, butt, lodestar, bull's eye, mark, tee, cynosure, end, bell ringer, loadstar, quaesitum, destination
|考慮|考虑|kǎolù|think over, consider
|長|长|cháng|long, be strong/good (in/at) {{audio|cmn|Zh-cháng.ogg|cháng}}
|意見|意见|yìjiàn|latitude, point_of_view, estimation, sight, conceit, verdict, hypothesis, attitude, estimate, possibility, judgement, appraisal, ground, slant, differing opinion, ruling, complaint, thinking, suggestion, comment, advisement, mind, apprehension, say, vote, impression, deliverance, view, understanding, feeling, idea, notion, sentiment, judgment, advice, current, opinion, advert, theory, v
|辦法|办法|bànfǎ|road, expedient, policy, agency, measure, way, method, means
|連|连|lián|conj.: including
|受|受|shòu|passive signifier {{audio|cmn|Zh-shòu.ogg|shòu}}
|廠商|厂商|chǎngshāng|factory owner, factories and stores, firm, maker, business organization, business concern, manufacturing business, concern, manufacturer, business
|隻|只|zhī|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhi1.ogg|zhī}}
|受到|受到|shòudào|experience, receive, come in for, suffer, undergo, come_in_for, be given, come_to, be subjected to
|一切|一切|yīqiè|det.: everything, every
|或是|或是|huòshì|conj.: or, perhaps
|中央|中央|zhōngyāng|central authorities (of state/party/etc.)
|某|某|mǒu|det.: some, certain
|女性|女性|nǔxìng|lady, female sex, womankind, feminie, female, sex, petticoat, femininity, female person, woman, she, patroness, womanhood, fair, feminine
|教學|教学|jiāoxué|teach and study
|極|极|jí|extraordinary, unusual, special, very, extremely, highly {{audio|cmn|Cs-jí.ogg|jí}}
|獲得|获得|huòdé|find, cop, acquirement, come_into, gain, draw, pick_up, pull, achievement, score, procure, come_by, get hold, purchase, nab, come upon, derive, latch, incur, achieve, make, bring, receive, arrive, come_out, pocket, obtain, luck into, sack, win, enter upon, pick up, garner, harvest, attain, come up, line up, extract, secure, possess, earn, reap, accrue, cover, take, acquire, get, arrive_at
|真的|真的|zhēnde|really, truly, indeed
|路|路|lù|road, path, way, journey, distance, means, sequence, logic, line, region, district, route, sort, grade, class {{audio|cmn|Zh-lù.ogg|lù}}
|來|来|lái|particle: used to denote the beginning of an action {{audio|cmn|Zh-lái.ogg|lái}}
|快|快|kuài|fast, quick, quick-witted, ingenious, sharp (of knives), straightforward {{audio|cmn|Zh-kuài.ogg|kuài}}
|國小|国小|guóxiǎo|primary/elementary school, primary school
|部份|部份|bùfèn|composition, segment, section, side, portion, slice, proportion, part, det.: part, share, component, division, phase, place, piece
|工程|工程|gōngchéng|process, construction, engineering, engineering project, project
|女人|女人|nǔrén|jade, crumpet, female, female person, Gill, bitch, chick, fair, squaw, womenfolk, adult female, doll, momma, wench, skirt, womankind, girl, jill, wife, broad, petticoat, sister, woman, bimbo, bird, jane, she, hen, hairpin, dame, women
|舉行|举行|jǔxíng|hold (meeting/etc.)
|句|句|jù|sentence, m.[general], {{audio|cmn|Zh-jù.ogg|jù}}
|只是|只是|zhǐshì|merely, only, just, simply be
|段|段|duàn|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-duàn.ogg|duàn}}
|根據|根据|gēnjù|on the basis of, according to
|現象|现象|xiànxiàng|phenomenon, phenomenal, appearance
|人民|人民|rénmín|multitude, citizen, quarter, Volk, hoi polloi, subject, people, nationals, masses, the people, mass, demotic
|土地|土地|tǔdì|country, acre, terra, soil, premise, realm, territory, dirt, local god of the land, farming, earth, ground, kingdom, holding, agrarian, solid ground, benefice, esplees, tract, village god, glebe, terra firma, land, dry land
|面對|面对|miànduì|face up, stand up, face, look_out_on, confront, front, affront, envisage, accost, breast
|注意|注意|zhùyì|pay attention to, take note of
|這裡|这里|zhèlǐ|this place, there, here
|新聞|新闻|xīnwén|unco, leak, intelligence, newsworthiness, witting, journalistic, information, journalism, courant, news
|繼續|继续|jìxù|go, resume, keep_on, abide, come on, persist in, extend, run_on, run on, carry_on, stretch, sustain, pursue, keep going, continuance, get_along, get_on, remain, continue, keep_up, go ahead, keep up, come up, continuation, hold, carry, run, go_on, maintain, go on, bide, plow ahead, hold_on, piece, restart
|相信|相信|xiāngxìn|deem, believe, credit, esteem, accredit, feel, trow, count, have faith in, guess, lippen, buy, be convinced of, hold, think, trust, accept, know, hone, believe_in, favour, believe in, hope
|政策|政策|zhèngcè|statism, tack, line, policy, statecraft
|變成|变成|biànchéng|grow_into, change into, go, form, grow into, change state, develop into, turn to, fall, turn_into, be, turn, become, turn into, grow, run, get
|計劃|计划|jìhuà|plan, project, program
|強調|强调|qiángdiào|underscore, spotlight, place emphasis on, point_up, highlight, point, point up, enforce, emphasise, urge, underline, overstress, give emphasis to, play up, keynote, insist, punctuate, accent, betone, foreground, emphasize, emphatic, stress, set off, overemphasize, accentuate, bring out
|學|学|xué|study, learn, imitate, mimic {{audio|cmn|Zh-xué.ogg|xué}}
|人士|人士|rénshì|public figure, personage
|前|前|qián|front {{audio|cmn|Zh-qián.ogg|qián}}
|前|前|qián|det.: former, preceding {{audio|cmn|Zh-qián.ogg|qián}}
|存在|存在|cúnzài|exist, be
|制度|制度|zhìdù|ism, organization, dispensation, regimen, machine, regulations, form, system, regime, organisation, economy, institutional, institution
|意義|意义|yìyì|importance, significance, denotation, purport, drift, signality, emptiness, meaning, construction, bearing, substance, import, effect, insignificancy, hang, signification, sense
|代表|代表|dàibiǎo|representative, delegate
|課程|课程|kèchéng|course of instruction, lesson, course, course of lectures, course of study, curricular, class, curricula, syllabus, curriculum, program
|該|该|gāi|ought to, should {{audio|cmn|Zh-gāi.ogg|gāi}}
|沒|没|méi|not have, there is not, be without {{audio|cmn|lb-méi.ogg|méi}}
|至|至|zhì|conj.: {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhi4.ogg|zhì}}
|需求|需求|xūqiú|need, requisition, demand, want, desiderative, requirement, call
|人生|人生|rénshēng|lifetime, life, lifespan, human life, time of life
|那些|那些|nǎxiē|det.: those
|爸爸|爸爸|bàbà|old man, father, papa, pappa, daddy, pa, begetter, pop, dada, dad, male parent, pater, pappy, pops, poppa
|產業|产业|chǎnyè|estate, manufacture, industry, domain, manufacturing, property
|負責|负责|fùzé|preside, be responsible for, see, entail, sponsor, be in charge of, blame, answer, undertake, liable, respond
|民間|民间|mínjiān|grass roots, people-to-people, nongovernmental, among the people, folk, popular
|雖|虽|suī|conj.: though, although, even if
|影響|影响|yǐngxiǎng|influence, affect, effect
|直接|直接|zhíjiē|direct, immediate
|幾乎|几乎|jīhū|chiefly, anear, about, near, just_about, most, well-nigh, almost, closely, practically, intimately, all but, nearly, just about, virtually, much, nigh
|分|分|fèn|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-fèn.ogg|fèn}}
|實際|实际|shíjì|practical, literal
|團體|团体|tuántǐ|fraternity, sect, phalanx, collective, body, group, sodality, element, organisation, corporation, confession, college, establishment, brotherhood, community, organization, squad, union, administration, society, army, commonwealth, consort, company, lineup, combine, governance, clan, combination, fellowship, organizational, bloc, team, party, connection, family, brass, squadron
|價值|价值|jiàzhí|value, worth
|使得|使得|shǐdé|render, wreck, compel, cause, make
|類|类|lèi|m.[kind] {{audio|cmn|Zh-lèi.ogg|lèi}}
|形成|形成|xíngchéng|take shape, form
|科技|科技|kējì|technology, tech, engineering science, applied science, science and technology, technological, engineering
|這麼|这么|zhèmo|so, such, this way, like this
|當|当|dāng|assume office of, take charge of {{audio|cmn|Zh-dāng.ogg|dāng}}
|七|七|qī|det.: seven {{audio|cmn|Zh-qī.ogg|qī}}
|不但|不但|búdàn|conj.: not only
|往|往|wǎng|go toward {{audio|cmn|Zh-wǎng.ogg|wǎng}}
|本身|本身|běnshēn|per se, self, oneself, identity, itself
|標準|标准|biāozhǔn|standard, criterion
|似乎|似乎|sìhū|it seems, quasi, apparently, seemingly, as if
|應用|应用|yìngyòng|application, use
|或者|或者|huòzhě|conj.: or, either...or...
|動物|动物|dòngwù|thing, critter, crittur, zoic, anthropomorphism, animal, deer, animate being, beast, creature, burrow, sire, worker, fauna, brute
|電話|电话|diànhuà|blower, phone call, headphone, earpiece, telephone, telephone_call, buzz, earphone, horn, telephone set, phone_call, telephony, phone
|態度|态度|tàidù|stance, treatment, demeanor, dealing, deportment, pose, behavior, manner, demeanour, way, bearing, attitude, air, behaviour, front, mien, conduct, mental attitude, approach, posture, address, position, bedside_manner, movement, gesture, comportment, presence, sort
|事業|事业|shìyè|proposition, task, pidgin, institution, undertaking, deed, facilities, life history, endeavour, endeavor, cause, career, project, action, enterprise
|老|老|lǎo|old, aged;of long standing, outdated, tough, overgrown, dark (of colors) {{audio|cmn|Zh-lǎo.ogg|lǎo}}
|常常|常常|chángcháng|oftentimes, ofttimes, commonly, ordinarily, oft, often, a great deal, normally, frequently, unremarkably, much, usually
|字|字|zì|graphic symbol, writing, pronunciation (of a word), form of a written character, receipt, printing type, script, name taken at the age of 20, courtesy name, wordage, character, grapheme, contract, scripts, symbolic representation, style of handwriting, word {{audio|cmn|Zh-zì.ogg|zì}}
|坐|坐|zuò|sit, take seat {{audio|cmn|Zh-zuò.ogg|zuò}}
|舉辦|举办|jǔbàn|conduct, hold, run
|自我|自我|zìwǒ|self, oneself
|有的|有的|yǒude|det : some
|具|具|jù|possess, have, provide, furnish {{audio|cmn|Zh-jù.ogg|jù}}
|目的|目的|mùdì|view, pretence, objective, goal, purport, intention, bourn, object, motive, motivation, meaning, aim, end point, hent, target, scope, sense of purpose, errand, purposefulness, sake, function, end, purpose, quaesitum, intent
|塊|块|kuài|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-kuài.ogg|kuài}}
|條件|条件|tiáojiàn|mood, formula, conditional, precondition, prerequisite, requisition, factor, qualification, requirement, stipulation, proviso, circumstances, provision, term, reservation, if, condition
|即使|即使|jíshǐ|conj.: even, even if/though
|好|好|hǎo|very, quite, good to, easy to {{audio|cmn|Zh-hǎo.ogg|hǎo}}
|十分|十分|shífēn|very, fully, utterly, extremely
|多少|多少|duōshǎo|det.: how many, how much, many
|放|放|fàng|loose, bloom, make longer, set ... free, let sb. have his own way, show, readjust, free, make larger, put in, fly, etc., release, discharge, leave alone, bung, lay aside, put, expansion, make longer/larger/etc., fling, localize, lend (money) at interest, let go, set, pasture, pose, set free, blossom, lay, let off, put out to pasture, send away, play, expand, make larger/etc., readjus {{audio|cmn|Zh-fàng.ogg|fàng}}
|又|又|yòu|conj.: and, in addition, but, on the other hand
|電影|电影|diànyǐng|cinematography, moving_picture, pix, kinema, picture, film, movie, moving picture, flick, cinema, motion_picture, cinematic, celluloid, picture show, motion picture, flicker
|科學|科学|kēxué|ology, scientific, science, scientific knowledge
|執行|执行|zhíxíng|carry out, execute
|邊|边|biān|border, boundary {{audio|cmn|Zh-biān.ogg|biān}}
|委員會|委员会|wěiyuánhuì|board, soviet, commission, committee, court, citizens committee, mission, delegacy, deputation, delegation, council
|溝通|沟通|gōutōng|communicate, link up
|開|开|kāi|open, open up, reclaim (land), open out, come loose, start, begin, operate, turn on (light), run (business), hold (meeting/etc.), divide into, reveal {{audio|cmn|Zh-kāi.ogg|kāi}}
|一起|一起|yīqǐ|in_chorus, together, in all, in the same place, holus-bolus, altogether, in company
|張|张|zhāng|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhāng.ogg|zhāng}}
|針對|针对|zhēnduì|in the light of, in connection with
|員工|员工|yuángōng|employee, personnel, reason, force, staff, cause
|引起|引起|yǐnqǐ|elicit, beget, causation, give rise to, incite, pique, engender, bring_on, trigger, fire, compel, kick_up, superindividual, draw, spawn, invite, touch_off, occasion, lead, bring_about, procure, touch off, raise, enkindle, give, poke, produce, capture, generate, stir, arouse, excite, put forward, provoke, breed, bring, conjure up, grip, create, kindle, tempt, set_up, interest, give rise, enga
|自然|自然|zìrán|natural world
|那麼|那么|nàmo|like that, in that way
|安全|安全|ānquán|safe, secure
|總統|总统|zǒngtǒng|president (of a republic)
|此外|此外|cǐwài|conj.: besides, in addition, moreover
|擁有|拥有|yǒngyǒu|occupy, have, receive, aught, hold back, keep, keep back, owe, retain, own, possess, possession, hold, seize, take, acquire, corral, hold on
|並且|并且|bìngqiě|conj.: and, besides, moreover
|事件|事件|shìjiàn|fact, event, page, incidental, go, case, job, natural event, timing, proceedings, social occasion, happening, occurrence, matter, occasion, incident, shebang, affair, chapter, concernment
|設計|设计|shèjì|plan, design
|研究所|研究所|yánjiùsuǒ|graduate_school, research institute, school, laboratory, graduate school, institute
|語言|语言|yǔyán|linguistic communication, lingual, language, idiom, tongue, oral communication, speech, perspicuity, lingo, contumely, Fortran, parole, natural language, spoken language, linguistic process
|嚴重|严重|yánzhòng|serious, significant, acute, critical, severe, grave
|故事|故事|gùshì|spiel, recital, relation, scam, rede, plot, yarn, narration, story, fiction, tale, history, legend, narrative
|學術|学术|xuéshù|ology, academic, systematic learning, science, learning
|片|片|piàn|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-piàn.ogg|piàn}}
|設備|设备|shèbèi|installation, set, device, appointment, plant, fixing, system, appliance, fixture, fitting, accommodation, fitment, finishing, unit, furnishings, materiel, contrivance, paraphernalia, facilities, rig, equipage, setout, facility, fixings, equipment
|之外|之外|zhīwài|beyond, apart from, excluding
|車|车|chē|vehicle {{audio|cmn|Zh-chē.ogg|chē}}
|基本|基本|jīběn|fundamental, essential, main
|實在|实在|shízài|indeed, really, honestly, in fact, as a matter of fact
|久|久|jiǔ|for long time, of specified duration {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiǔ.ogg|jiǔ}}
|達到|达到|dádào|extend to, find, fulfil, compass, encompass, extend, gain, answer, achievement, succeed, fulfill, live_up_to, attainment, strain, bring_up, achieve, get to, touch, strive, make, accomplish, progress to, come, hit, come_out, obtain, reach, attain, clock_up, suffice, do, get, arrive_at
|改善|改善|gǎishàn|improve, perfect
|死|死|sǐ|die {{audio|cmn|Zh-sǐ.ogg|sǐ}}
|結構|结构|jiégòu|constitution, configuration, framing, structural, design, underframe, framework, construction, structure, schematism, economy, fabric, mechanics, composition, machinery, contexture, texture, constellation, fable, ordonnance, skeleton, organization, frame, architecture, chemistry, make
|住|住|zhù|inhabit, cease, stay, visit, shack, dwell, stop, people, live, reside, populate, dig {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhù.ogg|zhù}}
|皆|皆|jiē|all, everyone {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiē.ogg|jiē}}
|改變|改变|gǎibiàn|change, transform
|拿|拿|ná|take, hold, seize, capture {{audio|cmn|Zh-ná.ogg|ná}}
|小組|小组|xiǎozǔ|squad, section, unit, group
|支持|支持|zhīchí|sustain, hold out, bear;support, back, stand by
|座|座|zuò|fare, stand, base, constellation, footstall, pedestal, m.[general], , customer, Aquarius, seating, plinth, place, seat {{audio|cmn|Zh-zuò.ogg|zuò}}
|醫院|医院|yīyuàn|spital, hospital, infirmary, hospice
|既|既|jì|conj.: since...then {{audio|cmn|Zh-jì.ogg|jì}}
|僅|仅|jǐn|scantily, simply, alone, merely, barely, only, but, just {{audio|cmn|Zh-jǐn.ogg|jǐn}}
|值得|值得|zhíde|be worth, merit, pay, rate, behove, worthwhile, worth, worthy, deserve, call_for, command
|學者|学者|xuézhě|academic, literate, pandit, letters, litterateur, learned person, literati, philomath, pundit, academician, faculty member, scholar, bookman, clerk, student, scholarly person, man of letters, man of learning, speleologist, doctor, clerisy, initiate, swami, punditry, savant, learned man, sophist
|八|八|bā|det.: eight
|交通|交通|jiāotōng|intercourse, commutation, transportation, communication, commuting, traffic, traffic_light, liaison man, communications, dealings, liaison
|階段|阶段|jiēduàn|staged, period, phase angle, stage, gradation, level, peg, grade, remove, phase, leg, step
|就是|就是|jiùshì|conj.: even if, even
|申請|申请|shēnqǐng|apply for
|主管|主管|zhǔguǎn|person in charge
|申請|申请|shēnqǐng|apply for
|同|同|tóng|det.: simialr, same
|感覺|感觉|gǎnjué|sense perception, feeling
|電視|电视|diànshì|TV, box, iconoscope, video, television set, teevee, orthicon, huckster, TV set, radiovision, television, telecasting, airwave, telly
|母親|母亲|mǔqīn|venter, materfamilias, mother, mither, sultana, maternal, female parent, mater
|嘛|嘛|má|particle: used to persuade someone to do something; used to emphasize the obvious {{audio|cmn|Cs-má.ogg|má}}
|香港|香港|xiānggǎng|Hong Kong
|記者|记者|jìzhě|journalist, writer, correspondent, newspaperwoman, newspaperman, gazetteer, newswriter, reporter, pressman, newshound, newsman, newsperson
|壓力|压力|yālì|force per unit area, P, strain, overwhelming force, pressure sensation, burdensomeness, oppressiveness, pressure, onerousness, stress, compulsion, constraint, muscle, lading
|快樂|快乐|kuàilè|happy, cheerful
|喝|喝|hē|drink {{audio|cmn|Zh-hē.ogg|hē}}
|敢|敢|gǎn|dare, make bold, have courage to, be sure, have confidence to, venture, have the confidence to, be certain {{audio|cmn|Zh-gǎn.ogg|gǎn}}
|院|院|yuàn|public facility, college, courtyard, designation for certain government offices and pub, hospital, clinic, branch of government, university, institutes, compound, abbey, academy, institute, yard, educational institution, faculty
|也許|也许|yěxǔ|possibly, peradventure, conceivably, assumedly, mayhap, doubtless, ablings, perhaps, perchance, potentially, probably, maybe, presumably, ablins, just
|人們|人们|rénmen|workforce, hands, work force, folk, people, they, the people, men, manpower, common people
|談|谈|tán|talk, chat {{audio|cmn|Hu-tán.ogg|tán}}
|生產|生产|shēngchǎn|produce, manufacture
|怕|怕|pà|I'm afraid, dread, funk, I suppose, be afraid of, fear {{audio|cmn|Zh-pà.ogg|pà}}
|就|就|jiù|prep.: with regard to, concerning
|身體|身体|shēntǐ|soma, system, physical structure, body, health, carcase, corpus, frame, person, somatic, organic structure, personage
|規定|规定|guīdìng|rules, disciplines, regulations
|程度|程度|chéngdù|latitude, rate, degree, point, measure, way, grade, gree, pitch, cut, length, plane, stage, level, extent, scale, notch
|積極|积极|jījí|positive, active, energetic, vigorous
|知識|知识|zhīshì|lear, know-how, understanding, ken, instruction, science, sophistication, consciousness, light, awareness, cognizance, knowledge, lore, mastery, know, cognition, acquaintanceship, mind, intellect, knowingness, equipment
|作為|作为|zuòwéi|regard as, look on as, take for
|機構|机构|jīgòu|internal structure of an organization, motion, gadget, instrumentality, institute, organ, mechanism, gear, representation, mechanics, machinery, apparatus, establishment, institution, means, organization, agency, setup, delegacy, outfit
|而是|而是|érshì|conj.: if not A, then B
|鼓勵|鼓励|gǔlì|encourage, urge
|角色|角色|jiǎosè|theatrical role, character, persona, part, function, office, fictional character, actor, fictitious character, personage, role
|狀況|状况|zhuàngkuàng|repair, background, picture, state (of affairs), state of affairs, status, gear, scene, setting, scope, condition, state, circumstance, trimness, context, showing, trim, factor, condition/state (of affairs), situation, shoes, consideration, place
|專家|专家|zhuānjiā|guru, pundit, adept, expertise, professional person, specializer, specialist, proficient, whiz, oner, expert, swami, savant, dab, professional, authority, stunner, technician
|據|据|jù|according to, on the grounds of {{audio|cmn|Zh-jù.ogg|jù}}
|不僅|不仅|bùjǐn|conj.: not only
|比賽|比赛|bǐsài|match, competition
|玩|玩|wán|amuse oneself, treat lightly, have fun, resort to, enjoy, appreciate, play, toy, trifle with, employ, disport, shoot, amuse onself {{audio|cmn|Zh-wán.ogg|wán}}
|效果|效果|xiàoguǒ|operation, execution, result, effect, background, sound effects, purpose, point, background signal, fruitage, outcome, force, punch
|越|越|yuè|~A~B) the more A the more B {{audio|cmn|Zh-yuè.ogg|yuè}}
|保護|保护|bǎohù|protect, safeguard
|共|共|gòng|totally, together, in all, in company, altogether {{audio|cmn|Zh-gòng.ogg|gòng}}
|開放|开放|kāifàng|lift a ban/etc., be turned on, be in operation
|附近|附近|fùjìn|neighborship, neighborhood, precinct, vicinity, neighbourhood
|上|上|shàng|det.: preceding, previous {{audio|cmn|Zh-shàng.ogg|shàng}}
|父親|父亲|fùqīn|parent, father, pere, Pa, begetter, governor, abba, male parent, pater, guv
|經費|经费|jīngfèi|finances, monetary resource, expenses, expense, expenditure, pecuniary resource, fund, outlay, funds, outgo, cash in hand
|曾經|曾经|céngjīng|in one case, , one time, formerly, syne, at one time, of all time, once, ever
|願意|愿意|yuànyì|will, be willing, please, wish, like, care
|分別|分别|fēnbié|separately, respectively
|重視|重视|zhòngshì|attach importance to, take sth. seriously, value
|不少|不少|bùshǎo|det.: a lot of
|歡迎|欢迎|huānyíng|invite, greet, take in, receive, welcome, gratulate, embrace, salute
|小孩|小孩|xiǎohái|kid, tyke, encumbrance, kinchin, youngster, wean, small fry, chick, juvenile, imp, urchin, minor, nestling, prattler, tike, kiddie, tot, fry, bud, mammet, pinafore, nipper, enfant, mite, bairn, chicken, shaver, child, chit, kiddy, infant, tiddler, sprig
|中國人|中国人|zhōngguórén|Chinese person, Chinese people, Chinese
|顯示|显示|xiǎnshì|demonstrate, argue, exhibit, prove, display, show, illustrate, manifest, demonstration, announce, stamp, unroll, witness, write, give, evince, dangle, betray, bespeak, say, profess, develop, indicate, signal, flaunt, read, register, manifestation, speak, reveal, evidence, tell, shew, proclaim, discover, stage, bear, establish, record, prognosticate, betoken, note, signalize
|中共|中共|zhōnggòng|Chinese Communist Party
|出|出|chū|produce, turn out, arise, happen {{audio|cmn|Zh-chū.ogg|chū}}
|男人|男人|nánrén|male, man, chap, mankind, buck, bastard, gentleman, jack, gent, men, blighter, cuss, hombre, lad, adult male, groom, husband, bimbo, dog, fellow, mon, menfolk, fella
|避免|避免|bìmiǎn|forbear, preclude, refrain_from, forebear, escape, help, elude, leapfrog, refrain from, stave_off, evite, shun, obviate, avoid, evade, waive, help oneself, ward_off, ward, miss, avert, ward off, balk, refrain
|屬於|属于|shǔyū|fall under, be part of, pertain, appertain, belong, relegate, fall into, belong_to, fall_under, reside, belong to, attach
|實施|实施|shíshī|put into effect, implement
|聲音|声音|shēngyīn|voice, vocal, language, huskiness, vox, vocalization, audio, noise, sonic, tone, sound, phone, audio frequency
|主義|主义|zhǔyì|tenet, principle, hang, system, ticket, creed, philosophy, school of thought, evangel, ism, gospel, masonry, maxim, doctrine, -ism
|行動|行动|xíngdòng|action, operation
|不可|不可|bùkě|cannot, should not, must not
|只有|只有|zhǐyǒu|can only, have no choice but, to be forced to
|校園|校园|xiàoyuán|schoolyard, campus
|興趣|兴趣|xìngqù|relish, appetite, zestfulness, dish, cup of tea, pastime, hobby, interest, gusto, bag, avocation, zest
|山|山|shān|Shan, jebel, pike, mountain, whitethorn, hump, anything resembling a mountain, gable, kop, chimney, hill, Surname, mount {{audio|cmn|Zh-shān.ogg|shān}}
|表現|表现|biǎoxiàn|manifestation, expression
|得|得|dé|get {{audio|cmn|Fr-dé.ogg|dé}}
|回來|回来|huílái|come back, get_back, recur, revisit, come, return, be back, come_back
|主任|主任|zhǔrèn|head, principal, captain, chair, director, head teacher, chief, chairman, school principal
|裡面|里面|lǐmiàn|inside, interior
|經常|经常|jīngcháng|everyday, daily, alway, often, a great deal, frequently, sempre, much, regularly, constantly, evermore, day-to-day
|不再|不再|búzài|no more/longer
|受|受|shòu|receive, accept, endure, suffer, be subjected to {{audio|cmn|Zh-shòu.ogg|shòu}}
|思想|思想|sīxiǎng|cogitation, mentation, imagery, imaging, lunatic_fringe, mental imagery, idea, thinking, imagination, ideology, thought, pensee, ideological
|頭|头|tóu|head, hair (style), top/end of sth., chief {{audio|cmn|Zh-tóu.ogg|tóu}}
|終於|终于|zhōngyū|in the last analysis, at long last, at last, lastly, ultimately, all things considered, out, on the whole, at_last, eventually, in the final analysis, finally
|協助|协助|xiézhù|assist, help
|當地|当地|dāngdì|locality, the place (named/mentioned/etc.)
|正式|正式|zhèngshì|formal (of actions/speeches/etc.)
|真正|真正|zhēnzhèng|true, indeed, certainty
|低|低|dī|let droop, hang down, lower {{audio|cmn|Zh-dī.ogg|dī}}
|性|性|xìng|nature, character, sex, gender {{audio|cmn|Zh-xìng.ogg|xìng}}
|份|份|fèn|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-fèn.ogg|fèn}}
|因素|因素|yīnsù|consideration, ingredient, constituent, factor, strand, component, element
|推出|推出|tuīchū|present to public
|上|上|shàng|go up, mount, board, get on, go to, go to, leave for, present, forge/go ahead, enter, place sth. in position {{audio|cmn|Zh-shàng.ogg|shàng}}
|去|去|qù|particle: used to denote an action away from the speaker or to denote the direction of the action {{audio|cmn|Zh-qù.ogg|qù}}
|認識|认识|rènshì|know, recognize
|方向|方向|fāngxiàng|path, set, directional, aspect, tenor, course, lay, exposure, way, range, aim, trend, direction, bearing, orientation, hand, tack, way of life, quarter, channel, line, heading
|責任|责任|zérèn|need, care, encumbrance, buck, accountability, blame, obligation, turn, load, responsibleness, incumbrance, responsibility, onus, commission, burden, commitment, loading, trust, pigeon, charge, business, fault, place, liability, duty, guardianship
|說明|说明|shuōmíng|explain, illustrate, show
|工業|工业|gōngyè|industrial, industry
|大量|大量|dàliàng|det.: any numer of, a great many
|做|做|zuò|be, become, be used as {{audio|cmn|Zh-zuò.ogg|zuò}}
|逐漸|逐渐|zhújiàn|step_by_step, by degrees, gradually
|心理|心理|xīnlǐ|mental_state, psychology, mentality
|一點|一点|yīdiǎn|det.: a little bit
|供|供|gōng|supply, feed, be for (the use/convenience of)
|須|须|xū|must, have to
|簡單|简单|jiǎndān|terse, casual, commonplace, simple, oversimplified, ordinary, uncomplicated
|運用|运用|yùnyòng|utilize, wield, apply
|觀察|观察|guānchá|observe, survey, inspect
|往往|往往|wǎngwǎng|oftentimes, ofttimes, always, more often than not, frequently, oft, often
|規劃|规划|guīhuà|plan, program
|減少|减少|jiǎnshǎo|reduce, decrease
|重新|重新|chóngxīn|over_again, newly, afresh, anew, again
|業務|业务|yèwù|service, practice, vocational work, line of work, affair, line, occupation, professional work, business, transaction
|仍然|仍然|réngrán|still, yet
|感到|感到|gǎndào|feel, sense
|開放|开放|kāifàng|open to the world, open to traffic or public use
|領域|领域|lǐngyū|demesne, line of business, field of operation, country, background, terrain, realm, part, arena, sphere of influence, setting, territory, precinct, radius, scope, domain, sphere, frontier, orbit, preserve, area, world, kingdom, ambit, signory, province, region, field, universe, hemisphere
|有效|有效|yǒuxiào|run, stand, valid, effective, efficacious, avail, make, hold
|女|女|nǔ|girl, female, woman, neodymium, hen, daughter, beaver, creature
|要|要|yào|want/wish (to), ask (for) {{audio|cmn|Zh-yào.ogg|yào}}
|從事|从事|cóngshì|engross, have, join, treat, plow, handle, follow, embark, undertake, attend_to, attack, occupy, absorb, go_into, work, engage, prosecute, go_about, go in for, pursue, be, meddle, embark_on, perform, enter, cover, deal, address, be engaged in, deal with, place, wage
|發揮|发挥|fāhuī|bring into play, give free rein to, develop (idea/etc.), elaborate
|人才|人才|réncái|talent, capable person, a talented person, qualified personnel, a person of ability
|反而|反而|fǎnér|conj.: on the contrary, instead
|銀行|银行|yínháng|jug, depository financial institution, bank building, banking company, banking concern, bank
|公共|公共|gōnggòng|common, commonly, publicly, public, communal
|媒體|媒体|méitǐ|mass media, media, medium
|提高|提高|tígāo|raise, heighten, enhance, increase, improve
|代|代|dài|period, generation {{audio|cmn|Zh-dài.ogg|dài}}
|自然|自然|zìrán|naturally, of course, in ordinary course of events
|力量|力量|lìliàng|fibre, strength, potency, ability, guts, kick, cogency, point, dint, energy, mightiness, physical strength, demon, force, punch, whiz, tooth, might, forcefulness, exercise, fiber, powerfulness, lift, pith, leverage, agency, push, muscle, power
|啊|啊|ā|indicating elation, indicating doubt or questioning, indicating puzzled surprise, indicating agreement/approval {{audio|cmn|Zh-ā.ogg|ā}}
|教育部|教育部|jiàoyūbù|Education, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Education Department
|愈|愈|yū|the more...
|超過|超过|chāoguò|overpass, overreach, outwalk, outstrip, overstep, outmarch, distance, pass, overstride, outpace, overtop, surpass, crown, exceed, overtake, preponderate, overrun, top, outrun, go_over, transcend, outrange, transgress, go past, break, excess, overhaul, overshine
|維持|维持|wéichí|keep, preserve
|家長|家长|jiāzhǎng|masterman, housemaster, graybeard, patriarch, parent of schoolchildren, patriarchal, goodman, patriarchate, paterfamilias, the head of a family, genearch, patriarchy, householder, head of household, the parent or guadian of a child
|結合|结合|jiéhé|combine, unite, integrate, link, be joined in wedlock
|校長|校长|xiàozhǎng|prexy, head, principal, headteacher, schoolmaster, master, warden, president, beak, rector, superintendent, director, head teacher, preceptor, headmaster, chancellor, school principal
|通常|通常|tōngcháng|normal, commonly, customarily, more often than not, general, usual, on average, as a rule, ordinarily, mostly, as usual, typically, generally, normally, by and large, unremarkably, on the average, usually
|缺乏|缺乏|quēfá|be short of, lack
|委員|委员|wěiyuán|commissar, committee man, committee, committee member, commissioner, committeeman, delegate, board member, commissary
|特色|特色|tèsè|motif, a character, a characteristic, manner, trait, differentiation, flavor, colour, singularity, distinction, characteristic, hue, stripe, physiognomy, a distinguishing feature, idiom, specialty, character, difference, particular, distinguishing feature, distinguishing feature/quality, salience, coloration, distinguishing quality, specific, feature, peculiarity, artistic st
|有時|有时|yǒushí|now and then, at times, betweentimes, from time to time, sometimes
|教師|教师|jiàoshī|beak, don, school teacher, schoolman, teacher, schoolmaster, preceptor, professor, pedagogue, schoolteacher, coach, master, instructor, educator, preceptorship
|之前|之前|zhīqián|before, prior to, ago
|遠|远|yuǎn|far, distant (lit./fig.) {{audio|cmn|Zh-yuǎn.ogg|yuǎn}}
|控制|控制|kòngzhì|control, dominate, command
|本|本|běn|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-běn.ogg|běn}}
|否則|否则|fǒuzé|conj.: otherwise, if not, or else
|法|法|fǎ|law, method, way, mode, standard, model, legalists, Legalist School, Buddhist doctrine, dharma, magic arts
|少|少|shǎo|lack, be deficient, lose, be missing {{audio|cmn|Zh-shǎo.ogg|shǎo}}
|原則|原则|yuánzé|god, rule, formula, regulation, principle, fundamental, axiom, basis, linguistic rule, faith, principium
|要|要|yào|demand, request {{audio|cmn|Zh-yào.ogg|yào}}
|臉|脸|liǎn|map, mug, kisser, puss, visage, snoot, frontispiece, pan, smiler, mazzard, mush, facial, countenance, phiz, figurehead, face, physiognomy, front, human face {{audio|cmn|Zh-liǎn.ogg|liǎn}}
|通過|通过|tōngguò|adopt, pass, carry (motion/legislation)
|建議|建议|jiànyì|propose, suggest, recommend
|工具|工具|gōngjù|stock-in-trade, instrumentality, instrument, ministry, hand_tool, escalator, creature, utensil, material, gear, pawn, lobster-joint, cat's-paw, kit, apparatus, tool, appurtenances, paraphernalia, means, wood, tackle, implement, medium, lever, outfit
|作業|作业|zuòyè|school assignment, work, task, operation, production
|達|达|dá|lead, attain, extend, amount to, ryke, express, attainment, inform, reach
|節目|节目|jiémù|item, item (on program), programme, act, telecast, number, program
|智慧|智慧|zhìhuì|lore, sapiency, sconce, wit, intelligence, gumption, savvy, wiseness, soundness, wisdom, grey_matter, sapience
|來自|来自|láizì|come from, originate from, come, stem/originate from, attach_to, stem, come/stem/originate from, hail
|而|而|ér|conj.: and {{audio|cmn|Hu-ér.ogg|ér}}
|變化|变化|biànhuà|change, transformation
|同樣|同样|tóngyàng|same, equal, similar
|形式|形式|xíngshì|circumstance, form, kind, modality, reading, interpretation, variety, shape, embodiment, species, mode, version, sort
|站|站|zhàn|to stand {{audio|cmn|Zh-zhàn.ogg|zhàn}}
|以為|以为|yǐwéi|imagine, think/believe/consider erroneously, treat, deem, believe, suspect, suppose, consider erroneously, repute, animadvert, esteem, trow, speak up, feel, count, believe/consider erroneously, calculate, view as, guess, ween, look, expect, think erroneously, think, hold, opine, interpret, sound off, take_for, consider, take for
|健康|健康|jiànkāng|healthy, sound
|擔任|担任|dānrèn|hold the post of, take charge of, assume, take_charge, fill, shoulder, adopt, skipper, assume the office of, assume office of, act_as, take, act as, play, undertake, take over, take on
|規劃|规划|guīhuà|program, plan
|剛|刚|gāng|exactly, only a short while ago, just now, barely, only just, just {{audio|cmn|Zh-gāng.ogg|gāng}}
|特殊|特殊|tèshū|exceptional, special, particular; peculiar, distinctive
|原來|原来|yuánlái|originally, formerly
|道|道|dào|say, speak, talk, think, suppose {{audio|cmn|Zh-dào.ogg|dào}}
|分|分|fēn|separate, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate {{audio|cmn|Zh-fēn.ogg|fēn}}
|傳統|传统|chuántǒng|rule, patrimony, legacy, custom, heritage, convention, conventionality, routine, normal practice, common practice, tradition
|前往|前往|qiánwǎng|depart, cruise, go_to, go, leave, go to, proceed to, pay, seek, leave for
|加強|加强|jiāqiáng|strengthen, augment, reinforce
|不斷|不断|búduàn|unceasingly, continuously
|對象|对象|duìxiàng|boy/girl friend, mate, fair game, boy friend, prey, boy, object, quarry, target, girl friend, catch, match
|追求|追求|zhuīqiú|seek, pursue, woo, court
|加上|加上|jiāshàng|conj.: in addition (to)
|比|比|bǐ|compare, contrast, emulate, draw analogy {{audio|cmn|Zh-bǐ.ogg|bǐ}}
|思考|思考|sīkǎo|ponder over, reflect on
|製作|制作|zhìzuò|make, manufacture
|台北市|台北市|táiběishì|capital of Republic of China on Taiwan
|取得|取得|qǔdé|gain, acquire, obtain
|出來|出来|chūlái|come forward, issue, come up, step up, step to the fore, out (toward one), come_out, pop out, come out, rise, come to the fore, step forward, emergence, come forth, emerge
|加入|加入|jiārù|join, accede to
|台|台|tái|short for Taiwan {{audio|cmn|Zh-tái.ogg|tái}}
|安排|安排|ānpái|arrange, plan, fix up, provide (meals/etc.)
|兒童|儿童|értóng|kid, nipper, enfant, tyke, youngster, small fry, minor, shaver, nestling, tike, child, chit, fry, children, infant, tiddler, small-fry
|國中|国中|guózhōng|middle school, junior high school
|範圍|范围|fànwéi|demesne, latitude, shot, compass, extensity, panorama, parameter, boundary, arena, stretch, territory, radius, spectrum, scope, extension, sphere, orbit, circumscription, limits, purview, grasp, extent, region, space, limit, hemisphere, horizon, envelope, bounds, realm, terrain, tether, sphere of influence, range, circuit, domain, precinct, reach, area, length, spread, bailiwick, ambit, con
|老人|老人|lǎorén|oldster, ancient, old woman, crock, one's aged parents or grandparents, old man/woman, one's aged parents/grandparents, Sir, old person, gaffer, pop, one's aged parents, the aged/old, old_man, senior_citizen, oldie, greybeard, old man, graybeard, old, grandparents, the old, the aged, senior citizen, old_boy, old boy, woman, old-timer, old man or woman, one's aged grandparents
|雙方|双方|shuāngfāng|both, the two parties, two parties, both sides
|牠|牠|tā|it (animal) {{audio|cmn|Zh-tā.ogg|tā}}
|北京|北京|běijīng|capital of Red China, Beijing, Peking, Beijing (Peking), Peiping
|年輕|年轻|niánqīng|junior, young
|結束|结束|jiéshù|end, close, conclude
|教|教|jiāo|teach {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiāo.ogg|jiāo}}
|程式|程式|chéngshì|formula, instruction, computer programme, pattern, form, modality, subprogram, routine, programme, course, function, subroutine, procedure, mode, order, sequence, computer program, program
|婦女|妇女|fùnǔ|feme, womankind, female, femininity, cummer, woman, femme, quean, bevy, matron, toots, womanhood, feminine, womenfolk, women
|找到|找到|zhǎodào|light upon, find, discover, run_down, founded, regain, strike, come upon, come across, run down, trace, turn_up, happen upon, get, chance on, chance upon
|彼此|彼此|bǐcǐ|each other, one another, I/me too
|全球|全球|quánqiú|global, whole world
|回到|回到|huídào|remount, retour, recur, turn back, regress, regain, revert, go_back, return to, return, go back to
|部|部|bù|m.[general] {{audio|cmn|Zh-bu4.ogg|bù}}
|而已|而已|éryǐ|particle: imparting finality (that's all)
|之下|之下|zhīxià|under the condition of, under, beneath, below
|等|等|děng|wait {{audio|cmn|Zh-děng.ogg|děng}}
|變|变|biàn|change, transform
|期間|期间|qíjiān|length, period, time period, amount of time, duration, course, interim, period of time, time, standing, chapter, tract, space, term, streak, efflux
|非|非|fēi|not {{audio|cmn|Zh-fēi.ogg|fēi}}
|小姐|小姐|xiǎojiě|Signorina, Senorita, senorita, signorina, young_lady, damosel, Dona, mum, young lady, damoiselle, missy, tootsy, demoiselle, damsel, Miss, Fraulein, miss, sheila, sister, toots, senhorita, damozel, Ladyship, ladyship, Mademoiselle, mademoiselle
|整體|整体|zhěngtǐ|integrity, allness, entirety, integer, integral, monolith, entireness, ensemble, wholeness, entire, tout ensemble, whole, totality, unity
|採用|采用|cǎiyòng|invoke, admit, assume, adoptive, use, adopt, select for use, embrace, accept, employment, take, introduce, take up, take_on, take over, take on, borrow, employ, adoption
|根本|根本|gēnběn|at all, utterly
|叫|叫|jiào|to be called {{audio|cmn|Zh-jiào.ogg|jiào}}
|正在|正在|zhèngzài|course of, be, be in process
|加以|加以|jiāyǐ|handle; treat (used before polysyllabic verbs or verbal nouns)
|充滿|充满|chōngmǎn|swarm, be brimming, inhabit, be brimming with, teem, crawl, fill, lard, pullulate with, brim, be permeated with, bathe, be filled with, permeated with, abound in, implement, exuberate, fill up, flow, abound, burst, perfuse, foam, bristle, crackle, inform, pervade, be imbued with, simmer, glut, teem in, permeate, congest, be full of, reek, charge, suffuse, pullulate, overfill, swell
|系列|系列|xìliè|succession, set, spectrum, course, train, series
|隨著|随着|suízhe|along with, in the wake of, in pace with
|早|早|zǎo|early, long ago, in advance, beforehand, prematurely {{audio|cmn|Zh-zǎo.ogg|zǎo}}
|等等|等等|děngděng|conj.: and so on, etc
|頗|颇|pǒ|pretty, quite an, very, quite, jolly, fearfully, quite a, molto, middling, considerably, greatly
|不足|不足|bùzú|not be enough, not be worth (doing sth.), cannot, should not
|總|总|zǒng|always, invariably, anyway, after all, inevitably, sooner or later {{audio|cmn|Zh-zǒng.ogg|zǒng}}
|深|深|shēn|deepen, penetrating, profound, deep, dark {{audio|cmn|Zh-shēn.ogg|shēn}}
|報告|报告|bàogào|report, speech, (student) term paper
|不錯|不错|búcuò|not bad, pretty good;correct, right
|在於|在于|zàiyū|be at, on, lie, in, depend on, lie_in, rest with, lie in, be determined by, consist_in, consist in
|旁|旁|páng|side, by the side of, other {{audio|cmn|Zh-páng.ogg|páng}}
|笑|笑|xiào|smile, laugh {{audio|cmn|Zh-xiào.ogg|xiào}}
|故|故|gù|conj.: hence, so, therefore, as a result
|消費者|消费者|xiāofèizhě|customer, buyer, consumer
|意識|意识|yìshì|consciousness, witting, sensibility, conscious, conscience, ideology, awareness, subconscious, mentality
|民族|民族|mínzú|tribe, citizenry, ethnos, ethnic minority/group, race, nationality, group, Volk, nation, folk, people, ethnic group, ethnographer, family, ethnic minority
|為主|为主|wéizhǔ|give first place to
|大眾|大众|dàzhòng|the broad masses, roughscuff, the public, herd, concourse, commonality, riffraff, masses, commonness, the masses, throng, multitude, commonage, commonalty, plebeian, plebs, horde, the people/masses, community, the people, million, mass, public
|到底|到底|dàodǐ|to the end, at last, after all
|願|愿|yuàn|will, wish, may, desire
|大概|大概|dàgài|chiefly, if not, perchance, approximately, believably, maybe, presumably, plausibly, almost, conceivably, most likely, assumedly, ablings, likely, perhaps, probably, supposedly, ablins, credibly, assumably, belike
|對方|对方|duìfāng|other party, the other party, fellow, party, other side, adversary, other side/party
|官員|官员|guānyuán|beg, official, mandarinate, administrative official, office-bearer, officer, bureaucrat, placeman, federal agent, government officials, agent, officialism, functionary, director, officeholder, officialdom, myrmidon
|發表|发表|fābiǎo|voice, enounce, enunciate, publish, free, sound, announce, pronounce, deliver, circulation, put_out, release, issue, vend, circularize, give, give_out, denote, present, circulate, publicize, blazon, promulgate, mouth
|進一步|进一步|jìnyībù|go step further
|自由|自由|zìyóu|free, unrestrained
|正確|正确|zhèngquè|correct, true, exact, proper, right
|豐富|丰富|fēngfù|rich, abundant, plentiful
|國民黨|国民党|guómíndǎng|Kuomintang, Nationalist Party, Kuomintang (KMT)
|戰爭|战争|zhànzhēng|war, warfare
|怎麼樣|怎么样|zěnmeyàng|How are things?
|只好|只好|zhǐhǎo|can only, have no choice but, have to, be forced to
|明顯|明显|míngxiǎn|clear, obvious
|表達|表达|biǎodá|express, convey, voice
|肯定|肯定|kěndìng|affirm, approve, regard as positive
|強|强|qiáng|strong, powerful, vigorous, better, slightly more than, plus {{audio|cmn|Zh-qiáng.ogg|qiáng}}
|高興|高兴|gāoxìng|glad, happy, cheerful, merry, pleased
|哪|哪|nǎ|det.: which {{audio|cmn|Zh-nǎ.ogg|nǎ}}
|樹|树|shù|wood, Ruptiliocarpon caracolito, tree, arbor, Surname, caracolito {{audio|cmn|Zh-shù.ogg|shù}}
|適合|适合|shìhé|qualify, conform, fit, go, befit, quadrate, will, accord, tailor, beseem, serve, comport, gee, answer, become, fit_in, service, pertain, like, accommodate, agree, belong, characterize, make, suit, match
|茶|茶|chá|tea {{audio|cmn|Zh-chá.ogg|chá}}
|別|别|bié|don't {{audio|cmn|Zh-bié.ogg|bié}}
|關心|关心|guānxīn|be concerned about
|蘇聯|苏联|sūlián|Russia, Soviet, USSR, Soviet Union
|成績|成绩|chéngjī|execution, carrying into action, achievement, result, showing, carrying out, performance, grade, success, doing, batting average
|人物|人物|rénwù|character, persona, original, spirit, figure painting, character in literature, figure, person in literature, person, fish, personage, personality
|創造|创造|chuàngzào|create, produce, bring about
|不必|不必|búbì|need not, not have to
|不論|不论|búlùn|conj.: no matter how/who/what/etc.
|尚|尚|shàng|still, yet, fairly, rather {{audio|cmn|Zh-shàng.ogg|shàng}}
|居民|居民|jūmín|municipality, population, citizen, denizen, townie, people, dweller, populace, residenter, resident, towny, inhabitant, habitant, liver
|不管|不管|bùguǎn|conj.: no matter, regardless of
|伊拉克|伊拉克|yīlākè|Al-Iraq, Iraq, Irak
|帶來|带来|dàilái|bring, redound, impart, bring_on, bring on, express, fetch, lend, convey, contribute, bring about, bestow, carry, bring oneself, add, usher, incur, land
|有|有|yǒu|there is/are
|般|般|bān|way, kind, variety, sort
|永遠|永远|yǒngyuǎn|e'er, always, for_good, evermore, ever, forever
|感情|感情|gǎnqíng|warmheartedness, reticence, sensation, affection, susceptibility, feeling, feelings, heart, affective, withers, expression, tenderness, emotion, sentiment, fondness, soul, affectionateness, soulfulness, passion
|兒子|儿子|érzi|viscount, man-child, boy, male offspring, son
|這樣子|这样子|zhèyàngzi|so, such, like this, this way
|起|起|qǐ|[aspect] {{audio|cmn|Zh-qǐ.ogg|qǐ}}
|全部|全部|quánbù|lot, aggregate, all, gross, entirety, allness, shebang, caboodle, complete, bunch, sum, total, gamut, entire, det.: all, totality, whole, everything