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Handle case where the sourceUrl is mp3 not wav
Some songs have a mp3 instead of wav for their sourceUrl, for instance https://monster-siren.hypergryph.com/api/song/125014

To handle this, we need to always call choice_format() in download_song() and use AudioSegment.from_mp3 instead of AudioSegment.from_wav when doing the file conversion if the downloaded file is a mp3.
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Fixed from 1n0r1

Already test for using on Ubuntu & Windows in Python 3.
Download all songs, albums and fill out metadata, album, cover art, artists and even lyrics.

Fix and add function

  • Add the retry for the song didn't download for 100%
  • Add the timeout connection and retry function
  • Add the counter in the multiprocess to count the songs and album
  • Fix the tool use on Windows will be false because the album name have the space in the last
  • Add the delay in every download active
  • Add the User Agent to avoid the Program identify is a crawler
  • Add the choice to choose which the format of song or download all for flac and mp3

Error for not complete

  • retry to print the retry message.
    (Think may the message should add in the tqdm)


The API offers .mp3 and .wav, but the program convert .wav to .flac or .mp3 since .wav can't do metadata.





pip3 install -r requirements.txt or pip install -r requirements.txt


  • python3 main.py or python main.py

  • Enter the format of the song, mp3 ,flac or all ( The songs offers .mp3 and .wav, the program will convert .wav to .flac or .mp3 since .wav can't do metadata. )

  • Choose the all for download the song all for mp3 and flac by transfer from wav.