Zenmonitor3 is monitoring software for AMD Zen-based CPUs, now with Zen 3 support! Email me to send patches. Looking for a new maintainer.
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Zenmonitor3 is monitoring software for AMD Zen-based CPUs.

It can monitor these values:

  • CPU Temperature
  • CPU Core (SVI2) Voltage, Current and Power
  • SOC (SVI2) Voltage, Current and Power
  • Package and Core Power (RAPL)
  • Core Frequency (from OS)



  • zenpower3 driver - For monitoring CPU temperature and SVI2 sensors
  • MSR driver - For monitoring Package/Core Power (RAPL)

Follow zenpower README.md to install and activate zenpower module. Enter sudo modprobe msr to enable MSR driver.


Make sure that GTK3 dev package and common build tools are installed.



You can launch app by sudo ./zenmonitor, or you can install it to your system and then launch it from your OS menu.

Note: Because superuser privileges are usually needed to access data from MSR driver, you need to launch zenmonitor as root for monitoring CPU power usage (RAPL). Alternatively, you can set capabilities to zenmonitor executable: sudo setcap cap_sys_rawio,cap_dac_read_search+ep ./zenmonitor

Command line arguments

--coreid - Display core_id instead of core index


By default, Zenmonitor3 will be installed to /usr/local.

sudo make install

To add menu item for launching zenpower as root (Polkit is required):

sudo make install-polkit


sudo make uninstall

Setup on Ubuntu

First follow installation instructions on zenpower3 Then:

sudo modprobe msr
sudo bash -c 'echo "msr" > /etc/modules-load.d/msr.conf'
sudo apt install build-essential libgtk-3-dev libncurses5-dev git
cd ~
git clone https://github.com/Ta180m/zenmonitor3
cd zenmonitor3
sudo make install
sudo make install-polkit

Setup on Arch

You may use the AUR package zenmonitor3-git to install via traditional method or using an AUR helper.

Installation for Fedora 35+

You can install it from the copr package repo