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A status page written in Go. Join our Matrix room for development discussion.


Tech stack

  • HTTP Server - net/http
    • listen on unix socket PORT (if set)
  • Templating - {{mustache}}
  • spawn with dinit/systemd
  • Config file - load TOML config (1. /opt/status-config/config.toml 2. test config at proto/config.toml)
    • .socket_path (UNIX socket, string)
    • .service (array of services)
    • .matrix (Matrix-related settings, see below)
  • Auto deploy script (run as dinit service)

Check online methods

  • TCP Connect
  • HTTP 2xx
  • ICMP


  • HTML page
    • Page Styling
    • show service type (tcp/http)
    • Increase constrast. Current RED/GREEN is contrast fail. Maybe don't show the border when service is up?
    • Bundle directory contents into executable in release mode. (not necessary)
    • show historic data
  • Status history, database note for integration: the dumb database code is in core/database.go. When integrating, you don't need to touch that code much.
    • store events
      • self boot up/shutdown
      • check service status every 5 minutes since boot
    • persist data on disk
    • clean up old checkpoints
  • Matrix notification
  • serves plain text to curl

Environment Variables

When config file is down, those variables will be made non-optional and load from config instead of envvar.

  • MAUTRIX_USER_ID: Matrix user ID, optional, e.g.
  • MAUTRIX_ACCESS_TOKEN: Matrix access token
  • MAUTRIX_ROOM_ID: Matrix room ID, optional, e.g.