My NixOS configs(backup)
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The Hedgehog's Nix Config

Welcome to my ~

This is my nix config. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It's created with Nix, and I'm really proud of it.

Directory Structure

├── _sources/
│   └── generated.nix
│       └── Autogenerated nix expressions from nvfetcher.toml
├── doom.d/
│   └── My Doom Emacs config
├── home/
│   ├── email.nix
│   │   └── My email config
│   ├── packages.nix
│   │   └── Any non-configured packages I want from nix.
│   ├── programs/
│   │   ├── Personal configurations for many programs in home-manager.
│   └── services/
│       └── Home-manager managed services
├── hosts/
│   ├── Configurations per-host
│   ├── zaphod
│   │   └── My laptop's config. I use a Framework laptop.
│   ├── marvin/
│   │   └── My main server
│   ├── prefect/
│       └── My gateway from the Internet to marvin.
├── pkgs/
│   └── Custom nixpkgs expressions, imported into my flake.nix.
└── users/
    ├── Per-user configurations for nixos
    └── thehedgehog/
        └── My default user config.

Useful Resources I've found

The Unofficial NixOS Wiki

Probably one of the most helpful sites around, as it contains a wealth of information on many things nix-related, as well as info on the ecosystem itself.