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<h2 id="first-steps">First steps</h2>
Interested in exozyme? Join our <a href="https://matrix.to/#/#exozyme:exozy.me">Matrix space</a> and come chat with our community! It's totally fine if you just want to hang out on Matrix, but you can also become an <b>exozyme member</b> which gives you an account on our server.
To be eligible for membership, you should be an active contributor to our community. To apply to become a member, send an email to <i>root@this domain name</i> (optionally using <a href="/pubkey.asc">GPG</a>) and introduce yourself, what you plan to use your account for, your desired username, display name, <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki/SSH">SSH</a> public key, favorite algorithm, and the number of distinct cats that you see daily. We'll send you a reply after your account is approved.
<h2 id="logging-in">Logging in</h2>
Once you have an account, try logging into our server using <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki/SSH">SSH</a>. You'll be asked to set a new password for your account. You can install software with Flatpak, <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki/Nix">Nix</a>, <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki/Distrobox">Distrobox</a>. We also provide <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki/Remote-desktop">remote desktop</a> and <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki/Website-hosting">website hosting</a>. If you want to run an extremely resource-intensive program, please let us know on Matrix first. Also, please don't torrent on exozyme.
<h2 id="resources">Resources</h2>
You can find helpful guides on our <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/wiki">wiki</a>, or even better, please please please contribute to it! If you run into bugs or have suggestions, create a new issue on our <a href="https://git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/issues">issue tracker</a>. If you have any questions, just ask on Matrix or email us. Have fun!