• v9.0 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2023-01-07 22:39:35 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    A few months ago, I and a few other people had the great idea of migrating the exozyme server from Arch Linux to NixOS for exozyme v9.0. To make a long story short, no one had time to work on it much, so we're officially going to use Arch for the time being. You can read more about it here.

    Other than that, I'd like to point out that although there hasn't been much exozyme development lately, that's actually a good thing. It's become a lot less work to maintain the server and our software, and the server is also a lot more stable now. We also had almost 100% uptime, other than an incident on November 5 when an Arch OpenSSL update from 1.1 to 3.0 broke a bunch of packages, resulting in the server going offline for around 10 hours.

  • v8.8 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-09-29 01:46:16 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    This is a pretty big release:

    (I was too lazy to write a detailed description for all those bug fixes.)

  • v8.7 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-07-29 20:43:08 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    This release adds a highly wanted feature: easily creating customizable environments on exozyme where you have root, can install packages, and use whatever desktop environment you'd like. This feature uses Distrobox behind-the-scenes. Check out our wiki article for how to use Distrobox.

    • Replaced Toolbox with Distrobox #169: You may remember Toolbox from back when we first installed it a few month ago. However, Distrobox is an even better drop-in alternative, so we swapped Toolbox out with Distrobox.

    • Disabled exogit public registration #167: To prevent spam, we disabled registration for exogit. This instance has some basic federation features so hopefully in a few weeks it'll be possible to use federation to contribute to exozyme repositories.

    • Fixed Distrobox xauth bug #168: This was an annoying bug that prevented users from easily running X11 apps with Distrobox or Toolbox. It's now fixed, so you don't need to do anything or use the old workarounds.

    • Fixed Distrobox exohub bug #170: You can now use Distrobox on exohub or in the integrated code-server editor.

    • Community hackathon #164: We had another community hackathon today and it was a huge success. Stay tuned for more information about the next hackathon which might be in a week.

    That's it for this release! Enjoy Distrobox!

  • v8.6 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-07-08 19:56:14 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    Hey everyone! In case you missed it, our community hackathon today was a blast! Here are the websites we made at the event:

    We'll be having another hackathon soon, so stay tuned on Matrix for more info. These events are a lot of fun (Just ask anyone who came to today's event. You are legally required to have fun at them. Just kidding.) and a great way to chat and hang out with other community members.

    Alright, enough advertising for our events, and here's the changelog:

    • Easier way to change account details #166: You can now use the moduser command to change your account details. Take a look at that issue for more details.

    • Community hackathon! #164: Yeah, I was also joking that I would stop advertising our events.

    • Package updates: We updated a lot of stuff like KDE so enjoy the bleeding-edge packages (or more like hemorrhaging-edge if you run into any breakage...).

    That's it for this release. Seeya next time at #general:exozy.me!

  • v8.5 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-06-27 03:13:45 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    This release is all about making exozyme a better community, in addition to a server and hosting site. After all, our awesome community is what differentiates us from other self-hosting sites and hosting providers!

    • Email notifications! #165: Yeah, I know getting a ton of emails is annoying, but we won't spam you, I promise. This will make participating in the exozyme community a lot easier, since you won't constantly have to check exogit and exochat. Instead you'll get email notifications. You can disable them in the app's web interface if you don't want email notifications.

    • Community events! #164: We'll probably be having some virtual community events in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates about this.

    • Discontinued the API #106 #147 #162: The API was great, but also a huge PITA to maintain and full of security holes. We had to pull the plug on this one, sorry.

    • The switch to NixOS continues #160: We now have a container to test out our brand-new nixos-config repository! Also, Woodpecker CI was merged into nixpkgs so we no longer have to package it ourselves. We are also working on getting our Nix packages upstreamed. (Disclaimer: The nixpkgs Woodpecker package wasn't made by us)

    • Rewritten website #159: Our website was rewritten once again (since it's small and simple enough to rewrite frequently 😃). It's now more focused on our community, instead of our services.

    • Better router firewall rules #158: We take security very seriously here, so we upped the security of our new router (since we just upgraded to fiber internet in v8.4).

    • We need more maintainers! #163: Being a maintainer is easy, don't be intimidated! Feel free to comment on that issue if you're interested. We need all the maintainence help we can get (or nice services like the API will get discontinued 🙁)

    Anyways, thanks for reading this, and check out our Matrix space if you haven't already! You can log in to your Matrix client with username @YOUREXOZYMEUSERNAME:exozy.me and your usual exozyme password.

  • v8.4 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-06-25 03:09:19 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    1 gigabit fiber internet is insane. Literally insane. 100x more upload bandwidth, seriously! Crazy stuff.

    We had previously been suffering with 10mbps upload speed on cable internet, which is actually fine most of the time, except when you have to download a large file from exozyme and at takes forever...

    Anyways, enjoy the (much) faster internet!

    Other changes:

    • Bug fixes #125 #139 #143 #152 #156: See the individual issues for more information
    • Better packaging for Porkbun packages #140 #141: Yay, better packaging!
    • Reduce logging to lower disk I/O #144 #145 #146: Not much to say here.
    • Public IPv6 address #105: We now have a public IPv6 address! This also is a good workaround for our new router's broken NAT hairpinning, since screw IPv4 and NAT, use IPv6 like the cool kids instead.
    • Entirely delete exozyme repos from GitHub #126: Gitea is getting federation in another few months, so we permanently deleted all our exozyme-related repos from GitHub.
    • Proposols to discontinue services #148 #150 #157: Two of these proposals are still open, so check them out.
    • Gitea-related bug fixes #151 #153 #154: Since we run Gitea main for developing Gitea federation, quite a few regressions have come up, which are fortunately fixed now.
    • Packge cleanup 2 #149: We uninstalled quite a lot of packages, so just shoot us a message on Matrix if that broke something for you. You can also try using Nix for installing packages yourself.

    Wow, that was quite a big release! I would have probably made this v9.0 if we didn't have the big WIP switch to NixOS going on right now, but I think release is on the same order of magnitude in size as our other major releases. Also, thanks @codedotjs for leading the Nix packaging effort!

  • v8.3 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-05-16 23:08:30 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    This release includes a ton of Nix improvements as we are now primarily using Nix for user package management while sticking with Arch for the server OS. There were also some interesting discussions on Matrix about switching the server OS to NixOS, but that would require a lot of work. Fortunately, @codedotjs said he would be interested in leading the work for this!

    • Nix improvements #130 #136 #137: Check out the wiki to learn more about our Nix support.

    • Wiki cleanup #86 #135: We cleaned up and updated the wiki.

    • Dynamic website hosting #131: You can now host dynamic websites using a Unix socket! To set it up, take a look at the wiki article.

    • Alternate VPS for exozyme #16 #52: We explored using a VPS to host more exozyme services, but this most likely won't be happening for now. Anyone interested in taking charge for this?

    • mx-puppet-discord bug fixes #132: Upstream recently made a lot of changes, and we helped get the AUR package updated as well for this.

    • Discontinue NFS #10 #134: We discontinued NFS because of security issues, and because no one uses it 😄.

    • Package cleanup: A lot of unused packages (0ad, wesnoth, xonotic, julia, mono, ghc, elixir, sagemath, and more) were installed, saving about 10GB of disk space. If you would like one of these packages installed again, try using Nix or ask about it on Matrix.

    • Nextcloud log file bug #133: This has been fixed by the nextcloud package in the Arch Linux community-staging repo, but we're waiting on it to be released to the normal community repo. (Perhaps another reason why we should use NixOS??)

  • v8.2 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-04-25 14:19:18 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    This is mostly a bugfix release:

    • Deleted our GitHub organization #126: We no longer host anything on GitHub.

    • Properly terminate JupyterHub processes #123: This fixes a major memory leak.

    • Discontinue VirtualGL #122 #124: We no longer have VirtualGL installed because it's extremely buggy now and a security issue.

    • Fix juypter-server-proxy bug #125: Thank you to @caoash for reporting this!

    • Clean up virtualization packages #127 #129: We uninstalled some unused packages like Toolbox. Thanks to @notaiden for reporting the Toolbox bug!

    • Nix improvements #128 #130: There was some discussion about a proposal to conver the server to NixOS and other improvements.

    • Better backup plan #90: Backups are now opt-in, so add a comment to that issue if you wish to have your home directory backed up.

    • Tunnel HTTP ports #59: You can now use https://0.exozy.me to https://9.exozy.me for accessing the 4200 to 4209 port range.

    Our ISP has been having some outages lately, so sorry about any issues that may have caused. Also, please help out with reporting issues and exozyme development if you can. We really appreciate it!

  • v8.1 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-03-06 21:39:00 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    Wow, lots of changes, big and small, since the last release:

    • mx-puppet-discord and Synapse clean-up #113 #114: We cleaned out their databases (and nearly broke Synapse!) and fixed some issues with the mx-puppet-discord bridge.

    • Deprecate the blog #115: Did you know we used to have an exozyme blog? Probably not, because it was pretty useless and we use exogit releases as our "blog" nowadays. You can find an archive of the posts here. I also moved one of the posts to my personal blog.

    • Mastodon full-text search #111 #112 #117: We originally set up OpenSearch to add this feature, but it was too resource intensive and had terrible security, so we axed it.

    • Mastodon login bug #119: This bug has been troubling me for months, but we finally found the solution! Turns out a password wasn't probably quoted in a config file. 🤦

    • User contributions #116 #118: Thank you @notaiden and @caoash for the feature request and bug report! We really appreciate it!

    • Nextcloud Mail performance improvements #120: After applying an experimental PR to optimize the database tables for Nextcloud Mail, the performance should be a lot better with large mailboxes. Now it shouldn't lag out for 10 seconds when opening emails.

    • New domain registrar #121: We now use Porkbun instead of Namecheap as our domain registrar. It's less expensive than Namecheap, and we get free email forwarding (no more forwardemail.net!) and API access for wildcard TLS certificate renewals!

  • v8.0 5aa34af6dc

    a released this 2022-02-15 02:43:08 +00:00 | 36 commits to main since this release

    Finally, a major release! However, this one's pretty boring. There isn't some cool new piece of hardware, a new self-hosted service, or anything like that. Overall, this release was all about housekeeping and bug fixes. We closed a ton of issues:

    • Hosting more services #16 #52 #69 #73 #75 #106: There were many proposals to host additional services, but they're kind of redundant or in the case of email, very painful to host. So, check out our existing services instead!

    • Performance improvements #11 #81: Some small performance improvements, mainly involving Nextcloud and PostgreSQL. You may notice it, or it might just be the placebo effect. (After I failed to set up Synapse workers, Synapse did feel a lot faster for some reason)

    • General housekeeping #100 #107 #109 #110: Lots of cleanup everywhere. You won't notice this either but it's pretty significant.

    • Updates and backups #90: As always, we updated the server last weekend to the latest and greatest Arch Linux packages such as KDE Frameworks 5.91.0, and we are also backing up the server's NVME drive every weekend now too.

    That's it for this release. And don't ask about exozyme v9.0...