The libre, high-performance, privacy-respecting cloud!
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The exozyme project

Welcome to the main development repository for exozyme, the libre, high-performance, privacy-respecting cloud!

Reporting issues

Did you find an exozyme bug or security flaw? Go to our issues tracker, and first search for your issue to see if it's already been reported and if there are workarounds. If it's already been reported, you can comment with any additional information you have about the issue. If not, create a new issue, and write a descriptive title for the issue and provide as much information as possible, such as the expected behavior and what actually happens or any relevant logs.

Fixing issues

Please help us fix exozyme issues! The issues labeled help wanted are usually good to contribute to. You can also leave a few comments or even just vote on issues with 👍 and 👎. Anything is appreciated!