7 Distrobox
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Distrobox is a set of scripts that automates creating GPU-acceleration Linux container environments that seamlessly integrates with the rest of exozyme.


To get started, run distrobox enter. For more details, take a look at the Distrobox website. The default container image is a pretty standard Fedora environment, so you can use dnf for package management.

Tips and tricks

Use a different distro

You can use a different distro instead of Fedora by running distrobox create --image some-docker-image. Some recommendations: archlinux, debian, ubuntu, tumbleweed.

Graphical apps

When running graphical apps, you should first install the mesa-dri-drivers GPU drivers in Fedora, or the equivalent Mesa package if you're using a different distro image.

Running apps inside the container

You can also install apps inside the container and run them from the outside with distrobox enter -- appname or integrate them with your desktop by running distrobox-export inside the container.

Running WMs or DEs

You can even install a window manager or desktop environment inside the container and use it in remote desktop with ~/.xinitrc. See the window managers article for more information.

Use systemd inside the container

Run the following commands inside the container to make the host systemd accessible inside the container:

sudo ln -s /run/host/run/systemd/system /run/systemd
sudo mkdir -p /run/dbus
sudo ln -s /run/host/run/dbus/system_bus_socket /run/dbus

code-server integration

To integrate Distrobox with code-server, change your code-server terminal startup command to distrobox enter.