2 Jupyter
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Project Jupyter is "a project to develop open-source software, open standards, and services for interactive computing across multiple programming languages." (Wikipedia) JupyterLab is their web IDE, while JupyterHub is a server program that spawns JupyterLab instances. We have JupyterHub running at https://hub.exozy.me.

Installing extensions

The JupyterLab instances spawned at https://hub.exozy.me do not support installing extensions, because JupyterLab assumes it's running in an environment where it has write access to Python packages, but this isn't the case for distro-installed JupyterLab. (More info at #210)

Instead, you should:

  1. Create and activate a venv
  2. Install JupyterLab in the venv with pip install jupyterlab
  3. Start JupyterLab with jupyter-lab
  4. Forward the port to your computer using SSH.
  5. Now you can install extensions!