1 Remote desktop
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We have an xrdp server running on 3389. The easiest way to access your remote desktop is using the exodesk web client web client. To access the settings and clipboard sharing menu, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt.

However, the web client has some limitations such as some keyboard shortcuts don't work. Fortunately, you can use any other RDP (remote desktop protocol) client. In the client, just enter the address exozy.me. You can enable 16-bit color if you have a slow connection.


FreeRDP is a free and open source RDP client (hence the name) and it's fast and awesome. On Linux, you can install it using your distro's package manager, and on Android, install the aFreeRDP app.

FreeRDP is a command-line app and can be invoked with sdl-freerdp3 -v exozy.me --dynamic-resolution --sound --rfx. These flags specify the server address, enable resizing the desktop upon resizing the FreeRDP window, sound support, and RemoteFX for better performance. If you experience crashes related to clipboard sharing (if both your computer and the remote desktop are running KDE Plasma, the two Klipper instances can interfere with each other), try adding --disable-clipboard.

Microsoft clients

Microsoft has proprietary RDP clients for pretty much all the platforms. Windows also has a built-in client called Remote Desktop Connection. Mac users can use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta client. Check this list for clients for all platforms. These clients usually have worse performance and more bugs compared to FreeRDP.