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We host Woodpecker CI at https://ci.exozy.me.


You can find an example build pipeline here. Builds are usually extremely fast: less than one second! The repo is cloned to /tmp/username/reponame, so you can also SSH into exozyme and inspect failed builds.

Pipeline image

Since our instance runs on the local backend rather than the docker backend, passing a container image name in the image field will not work. Instead, you should pass one of the shells available in the system (ex. bash, fish), and that will run your commands.

Tips and tricks

Cache repository

You can add a custom clone step to clone the repository to a location in your home directory instead of to /tmp. This may speed up builds. For instance,

    image: bash
      - cd /home/user
      - if [ -d website ]; then
      -   cd website
      -   git pull
      - else
      -   git clone https://git.exozy.me/user/website.git
      - fi

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