16 Window managers
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You can use a custom window manager or desktop environment by editing your ~/.xinitrc file to start the window manager instead. For more information, see the ArchWiki. Note that keyboard shortcuts may not work properly in exodesk and might require using a dedicated remote desktop client. xrdp only supports X11 so Wayland WMs will not work.


To install a window manager, use Nix.

You can also install the WM or DE inside Distrobox (recommended) or a Podman container. Then use edit your ~/.xinitrc to start the WM or DE (in this case, GNOME):

distrobox enter -- dbus-run-session gnome-session # or whatever WM or DE you want

If you are using a WM, you may not need dbus-run-session. If this doesn't work, try enabling systemd inside the container.

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