8 Virtual machines
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We offer high-performance virtual machines (VMs) with the QEMU/KVM hypervisor.

We recommend using containers if possible since they are much more lightweight than VMs and you can even install a desktop environment inside the container.


To get started, open up the Virtual Machine Manager app in exodesk. The default connection requires root permissions to connect to, so you can close any password prompts and delete that connection. Now click on File > Add Connection and select the QEMU/KVM user session hypervisor. You're ready to start creating VMs!

Alternatively, you can use the graphical web interface in exoportal. Make sure you select the "User session" connection when creating a VM.


You can create a new VM by clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the Virtual Machine Manager app. You will also need an ISO installation image for the OS that you would like to install. You can download the ISO to /tmp, which speeds up the installation. The app will guide you through configuring the VM and once it boots up, follow the installation instructions. It should take less than 10 minutes to finish. Remember to delete the ISO after you're done. Enjoy your new VM!