6 Website hosting
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exozyme offers free static and dynamic website hosting with exopages, similar to GitHub pages.

Static hosting

It only takes two minutes to set up your static website. Open up the file explorer in your remote desktop or log in with SSH, and navigate to the /srv/http/pages folder. Create a new folder to hold the content for your website. Make an actual page by creating a file called index.html and write some text. If you open up https://FOLDER.exozy.me in a web browser with FOLDER replaced with your the name of the folder containing your website, you should see it live in action!

Dynamic hosting

For dynamic website hosting, the ports 4200 to 4209 are proxied to the domains https://0.exozy.me to https://9.exozy.me.

You can also create a Unix socket in /srv/http/pages which will be proxied to https://SOCKET.exozy.me.

To run your website automatically, you can either create a cron job with crontab -e or a systemd user service. For a systemd user service, make sure you enable lingering with loginctl enable-linger $USER.