9 Spellbook
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You have now entered a hidden corner of the internet.

A confusing yet intriguing realm of paradoxes and contradictions.

A place where you will find out that what you thought you knew, you in fact didn't know, and what you didn't know was in front of you all along.



This broadcasts a message to everyone who's logged in. Magic!


This prints a random uninspirational quote. (Actually just shuf -n 1 /etc/fortune)




This prints a graph of number of installed packages on exozyme over time. Requires matplotlib.

paru -Qql bsd-games | grep bin

Some random classic terminal games. Some have global scoreboards so you can compete with other exozyme members.




This displays who is logged in.

unshare -r --map-auto -S 1 -G 1

If you would like to run a command as a different user for security hardening, you can use this unshare magic. Here's how it works. You have a set of 65536 subordinate users which are specified in /etc/subuid. They have UIDs starting with (your_UID-999)*100000. When you run this unshare command, it maps UID 0 on the inside to your normal user and UIDs 1 through 65536 on the inside to your subordinate users on the outside. The flags -S 1 -G 1 specify that you would like to run the command on the inside as the UID 1 on the inside, which corresponds to your first subordinate user on the outside. To chown files between your normal user and your subordinate users, use unshare -r --map-auto chown, and specify the inside UID of the target user.


From @daudix on Matrix:

just discovered that adding riot after riotchat makes the nextcloud element look like normal one (without nextcloud ui)

so https://cloud.exozy.me/apps/riotchat/#/room/#general:exozy.me becomes https://cloud.exozy.me/apps/riotchat/riot/#/room/#general:exozy.me


You can find previous snapshots of your home directory and websites in here, in case you accidentally delete important files.


This is similar to wall, but addressed to a specific user. You can send a message to another exozyme member who is currently logged in by running write USER. Then end the message with Ctrl-C.