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@vnpower is currently hosting a Navidrome server at rave.exozy.me.

The server has:

If you cannot find what tracks/albums you are looking for on the server, you can request for it by contacting me. I will most likely be able to fulfill your request unless it was somekind of a rare release. Most of the tracks currently available on the server are doujin (Japanese indie) albums with some electronic/rock albums I like.

If you wish to create an account, please contact me via Matrix or email and provide an username, a password and optionally an email.

You can access a demo account with these credentials.

  • Username: exozyme

The password for the demo account has been obfuscated by this Python function below:

def encrypt(s):
    ss = ""
    s = s[::-1]
    for i in s[::2]:
        ss += i
    offset = len(s) % 2
    for i in s[::-1][offset::2]:
        ss += i
    return ss[::-1]

To access the demo account, you have to decrypt the string. It is guaranteed that strings encrypted by this function can be decrypted. Here is the encrypted password: fsAC86Wx2y8TTNFY44UbYF7qKHBA7s

If you wish not to solve this problem, just contact me to get the password. Otherwise, have fun hacking :)


There are mobile clients you can use to stream from the server:

You can also check out for more clients on many other platforms with these lists: