13 Containers
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You can run containers on exozyme using Podman, which is basically Docker but better. Alternatively, you can use Distrobox if you would like an easier, automated way to create and manage containers.


Read this Podman tutorial to learn how to use Podman.

There's a graphical web interface for Podman at exoportal.

To run docker-compose.yml files, use podman-compose.

If you want containers to run when you are not logged in, run the command here.

Tips and tricks

Use Docker Hub images

To use Docker images from the Docker Hub with Podman, you need to prepend docker.io/ to the image name, for instance, docker.io/weblate/weblate instead of weblate/weblate.

Manage containers with systemd

See Quadlet.

For docker-compose.yml files, first create a systemd service using this template. Now add these lines under [Service]:

WorkingDirectory=directory containing your docker-compose.yml
ExecStart=podman-compose up
ExecStop=podman-compose down